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Lanwehr Naturstein operates the world's first Lokotrack LT130E

The crushing of especially hard limestone to a required size and quality with a constant capacity of 400 metric tons per hour and moving it smoothly via mobile conveyor may pose a big challenge for any kind of equipment. The world premiere of the first fully electric Metso Lokotrack® LT130E™ jaw plant and LL12™ mobile conveying system at Lanwehr Naturstein, in Sauerland, Germany, is up to the task.

“We are very pleased with our new LT130E. It has 15% more capacity than its predecessor and seems to be able to crush almost any sized feed. We used to have to hammer oversized boulders for at least an hour per day, but not anymore thanks to the C130 jaw’s large intake,” comments Managing Director Thomas Lanwehr of Lanwehr Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG.

“The fully electric drive using external power clearly adds to our competitiveness among the regional aggregates producers. And by using electric power, we receive a tax reduction of 6000-7000 EUR per month,” Thomas Lanwehr adds.

The new, fully electric Lokotrack LT130E crushes hard limestone at a capacity rate of 400 tons per hour.

A flying switchover of Lokotracks

Lanwehr Naturstein produces some 900,000 metric tons of high-quality aggregates of a unique limestone called “Kulmplattenkalk”. Since 2007, the company’s primary crusher has been a Lokotrack LT125 jaw plant, connected to an LL12 series mobile conveyor.

From the mobile conveyor, the material is transported to the stationary plant via a one-kilometer-long field conveyor. By mid-2016, after crushing over 10 million tons of hard limestone, the time was right to make a switchover from the old to a brand new primary crushing plant.

The whole change was carried out in ten days – and with no interruptions to production. While the old LT125 was still crushing, Metso and Lanwehr personnel assembled the new LT130E alongside the old unit.

Once that was completed, the mobile conveyor was quickly moved from the old unit and attached to the new LT130E.

A number of renewed features

According to Lanwehr Naturstein, the Lokotrack LT130E contains a number of new, important features making for easy use:

“The Metso IC process steering is modern and easy to use. The C130 crusher chamber geometry is well designed, providing a good product shape for further processing. The hydraulic setting adjustment of the jaw is safe and quick to use for keeping an accurate setting,” Thomas Lanwehr comments.

“Overall, we are pleased with the cooperation with Metso. We did recently have Metso’s product manager visiting our site to check the functionality of the unit; based on that visit, some improvements have been made to our Lokotrack,” he adds.

“As a taller unit, the LT130C is better suited for the LL series mobile conveyor, too. Now, the first section of the three-piece system stays in a higher position, well above the roughs at our plant.”

Extensive service agreement

Lanwehr Naturstein has signed an extensive Life Cycle Services agreement with Metso. The five-year agreement includes periodic inspections, wear parts and parts changing.

The limestone at Lanwehr contains a lot of quartz and is very abrasive. The final, cubical shape is given to the end products using Metso’s Barmac vertical shaft impact crusher.

“The LCS agreement with Metso ensures that we can get the necessary primary feed amount to our stationary plant when we need it. Now we are also able to focus more on our own work duties,” Thomas Lanwehr notes.

“Edelsplitt” for roads and concrete

The end product range contains 50% of 0-45 mm road base and 50% of so-called “Edelsplitt” aggregates grades, crushed and screened to different sizes for concrete and asphalt materials.

The whole plant is operated by just 12 people. At the present production level, reserves will last another 14 years to come.

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