Metso Equipment Protection Plan

Guard your business against unexpected component failures. Metso Equipment Protection Plan provides extended coverage for key components of your equipment against unexpected failure for a period of 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation.

Minimizing costs from unexpected failures

Your profitability and cash flow depend on smooth running production with minimal downtime and predictable costs. When equipment fails unexpectedly, production time is lost and there is the added unexpected cost of spare parts and repair work.

When you purchase new equipment, the likelihood of unexpected failures is low and any corrective work that may be required is covered by a warranty of a limited period. Outside this warranty period, however, equipment may fail, if not properly maintained or when unsuitable parts are used. The result is typically disrupted production and significant unplanned repair costs.

Peace of mind with Metso Equipment Protection Plan

Metso Equipment Protection Plan covers up to 75% of the value of your crushing equipment when you use original spare and wear parts in your Metso branded machine. There are two key components to our solution:

  1. Regular inspections - Our certified inspectors regularly review the equipment condition so as to identify emerging issues before they impact production.
  2. Spare parts and repair - When a problem is detected or a failure occurs, the costs of OEM spare parts, shipping and repair supervision is covered by the plan.

You profit from our expert knowledge of our equipment, gain access to a worldwide service network and can use original spare parts, which are factory tested, to deliver the optimum performance you can count on.

Metso Equipment Protection Plan covers:

  • HP, GP, C, B VSI, and NP horizontal impact crushers
  • LT and ST track-mounted plants
  • TK, PF, VF, HRBM, and VG feeders

Optimal production with minimal downtime

Minimize unexpected maintenance costs

Up to 30% of production costs come from maintenance. Because our plan covers the most expensive equipment components, it reduces major unplanned repair costs. 

Reduce unexpected production breaks

Unexpected production breaks mean lost revenue and delays. Our inspections reduce the risk of unexpected and unplanned downtime.


of your equipment value


years coverage


hours of operation

Metso Equipment Protection Plan

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