Intelligence for increased performance

Metso ICr is a display for operator to control the Lokotrack process inside an excavator. Metso Fleet Management provides daily overview for your Lokotracks.

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How your plant is running today?

Lokotrack crushing and screening plants are moving frequently between the different sites. They are often used in rental business and without the dedicated operator for one unit. Sites can be urban or remote but service needs to be fast and accurate. ICr and fleet management help to get best performance out of the machines, save time, and maximize profits.

Metso ICr and fleet management

Metso ICr gives visibility and control to the crushing process inside an excavator. It is a control unit for the operator to make daily work easier and safer and to have better process balance in a multistage crushing process. The operator adjusts target level for cavity level or load depending on Lokotrack model, then ICr controls the process and guides operator to feed correctly. With specific equipment, it is even possible to change setting from excavator. As an additional benefit interlocking cable between the units is no more required.

Metso Fleet Management provides daily overview for your Lokotrack fleet. It shows hour counters, parameter changes, alarms, fuel consumption and location in a Metso Fleet Management portal. It sends data through the satellite and you can access data everywhere with your own computer. It helps to track how your Lokotrack plants are operating and speeds up service and maintenance duties.

Better process performance and daily reports

Safer crushing

Display in an excavator

Wireless solutions

Satellite and bluetooth links

Increased capacity

Improved feed rate control

Saves time

Daily reports of your Lokotrack fleet

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