Manufactured sand for concrete and asphalt

Diminishing natural sand deposits make manufactured sand a feasible option. Even when natural sand is readily available, crushed sand can prove superior in terms of shape and consistency.

High-quality concrete sand is a diminishing natural resource

Natural sand and gravel deposits are diminishing, and the utilization is also restricted by legislation. At the same time, demand for aggregates is increasing, but sources for fluvial sand are fewer and further away from the marketplace, especially densely populated areas. High transportation costs often make its use an economically unfeasible option.

Even when natural sand is available, variations in its quality present a challenge for concrete producers. Natural sand quality is often not consistent in moisture nor in grading curve. This inconsistency is often compensated for by increasing the amount of cement in a concrete mix.

Consistent quality sand manufacturing with Barmac VSI crusher

The more cubical, rounded and consistent the sand is, the better is the performance in concrete and asphalt. Whereas most other VSI crushers use metallic parts to crush rock, Barmac VSI uses the rock fed into the machine to crush itself. This autogenous crushing and grinding action provides the lowest cost per ton of any impact crushing method. The high velocity impact crushing achieved with Barmac VSI improves the soundness and shape of the material.

Barmac VSI offers unique benefits for sand manufacturing. The gradation curve can be controlled by a wide rotor tip speed range and cascading material into the crushing chamber by passing the rotor. Another great benefit is consistent end product quality throughout the lifetime of wear parts.

Improved concrete quality

Key performance indicators in the concerete industry are workability, strength and production costs. High-quality sand is the most significant component affecting these.


Higher compressive strength with manufactured sand


Savings in cement due to consistent sand quality


More sellable product for aggregate producer