Modular Coal Washing Plant

Coal with a proven reserve of 860 billion tones is the world's most abundant, affordable and widely distributed fossil fuel and a dominant component of the global energy mix. In addition, other industries like iron & steel, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, paper & pulp are also dependent on coal for their process and energy requirements.

Meeting energy demand sustainably

Combining economic growth and sustainable environment is one of the major challenges of today. Given the dominance of coal in global energy framework, development of clean coal technologies is essential to accomplish both coal-driven energy production and reduced environmental footprint. With continuous surge on production rate, there is a constant need for improving coal quality due to following factors:

  • Depletion of higher quality coal seams
  • Mechanized mining increasing impurities in run-of-mine coal
  • High transportation costs
  • Environmental concerns

A step above the conventional

Metso’s modular coal washing plant provides to the industry a comprehensive solution from concept to operations and life cycle services. Metso offers a diverse range of products covering the entire spectrum of sorting, separation and dewatering needs, delivering higher throughput per unit cost and a longer service life.

Metso is the single source supplier offering everything in the line of coal processing systems for all types of coal from mining to final processing, backed by proven engineering, consultancy & service support worldwide. 

Quick set-up and improved productivity

Modular coal cleaning technology holds promise for today and future when coal is likely to remain the backbone of global energy portfolio. The compact design allows improved plant efficiency, ease of maintenance while reducing technical risk, bringing capital cost advantage to the customers. 

  • Quick on-site construction and commissioning
  • Compact design & proven technology
  • Negligible technical risk
  • Low operating & maintenance costs
  • Low carbon emissions
  • Water conservation & recycling
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Enhanced industry application & market potential
  • High portability
  • Ideal for remote sites with minimal infrastructure 

Quick set-up

Improved productivity

Lower emissions

Lower maintenance

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