Power generation

Metso has been supplying automated on/off and control valve solutions, smart instrumentation, configuration, diagnostics and predictive maintenance tools for every sector of the power generation market for decades. Specifically we have technologies to serve conventional thermal power plant boilers and steam turbines, cycle gas turbines, combined heat and power, waste and other bioenergy plants and circulating fluidized bed boilers.

Severe service conditions

Valves play critical roles in protecting assets from damage, ensuring smooth startup and ensuring efficient operation. Controlling feedwater level in the boiler, for example, is crucial during startup when the pressure differential between the boiler feed pump and boiler is very high. If the drum level is too high or too low, the plant may be forced to trip. Rangeability and reliability are essential attributes of flow control systems within boiler operations.

Excellence in demanding control service

Metso has a broad range of products to overcome the many various demands of boiler service. Globe valves from our Neles line excel in demanding control services. Metso is at the forefront of noise attenuation and anti-cavitation technology using the latest in material science and our innovative Q2 trim. Neles segment valves offer top-class control accuracy and wide rangeability in applications such as fuel control to burners.

In low pressure applications Neldisc® triple eccentric butterfly valves ensure superior performance. Options include S-Disc flow-balancing noise trim. Rugged full or reduced bore metal-seated Neles ball valves with high temperature and pressure capabilities combined with tight shutoff, certified Jamesbury burner valves make ideal and safe solutions for on/off purposes.

Wide safety & reliability from Metso

The breadth and superior engineering of the Metso product line make us the one Flow Control provider who can exceed your expectations in every facet of boiler operations.


  • Tight shut-off prevents leaks and erosion
  • Smooth boiler start-up and shut-down
  • Reliable and efficient plant operation
  • Comprehensive product portfolio for power