Soil treatment

Decontamination of soil is a matter of separation. Metso has been a leading supplier of separation processing equipment throughout the years. During the time we have also developed equipment and methods for environmental control.

Decontamination of soil is a matter of separation

Even before soil cleaning became part of the pollution control agenda, Metso was faced with the problem of cleaning a landfill site at a manufacturing plant for pesticides. 

Process solutions with performance guaranties

The main picture showes Metso's flotation cells, inclined plate settlers, attrition scrubbers and conditioners at the Jaartsveld Groen en Milieu remediation plant, the Netherlands. In the eighties, Dutch companies like Jaartsveld, Mosmans and Heidemij pioneered the flotation technique for soil cleaning with Metso as a major equipment supplier.

A flowsheet involving pre-treatment classification, flotation and dewatering was developed and verified in pilot scale in our laboratories. Metso engineered and supplied the plant with guaranteed performance.

Separation equipment with excellent performance

We supply

  • Offshore and beach oil/sand separation solutions
  • Thermal systems for volatile contaminants
  • Laboratory and field test services
  • Equipment and equipment packages
  • Erection and erection supervision
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Education and start-up services
  • Plant documentation

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