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From test lab to savannah: Measurement team verifies the performance of rock crushing equipment

Heat, vibration, hydraulic pressure, electrical power or structure stress are just some of the factors that influence the equipment used in rock crushing, screening and conveying. Our two-man engineering team – Henri Siiskonen and Ismo Lappalainen – carry out demanding measurement tasks around the world and make sure that the strength and performance of our aggregate equipment are at the expected level.

Measurements verify engineering work and performance

Our goal is to provide customers with equipment that performs better. As measurement engineers, we work towards that as part of the research and engineering teams. With the results that we collect, we can verify the engineering work and add new information for future development. Having an in-house measurement team ensures that Metso’s expertise – from the initial ideas to the customers’ processes – can be utilized.

Besides the engineering point of view, we can detect factors that affect the performance of equipment, for example by investigating the delays in crusher automation. If the customer is facing some challenges, or we notice that the processes could be improved, we contact our service team to make sure that the appropriate measures are taken.

No two quarries or mines are alike

Our job is very versatile, partly due to the fact that Metso is a global company and also due to the nature of rock crushing operations. The work is quite cyclical: with the launch of new products, we are busy everywhere. We measure, for example, screens, crushers, tracks and conveyors; sometimes the whole machine is under inspection, sometimes just parts of it. There are many things that affect the results – the customers’ processes, plants, installations, foundations and how the customers use the equipment – and they are always different.

Watch the above video interview with Henri and Ismo to find out about the job that takes them from our test lab in Finland across the world to the savannahs in Africa.

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