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Blog: From free doughnuts to Slush

Five students, four nationalities, free coffee and curiosity to learn. This is what made our team the "Humanist Engineers" to become alive. Now we are preparing to attack the stage on Slush in Helsinki.

How it all began? To be honest, we all came to have free doughnuts and coffee at Accenture's stand at our university in Lappeenranta, Finland. Their representatives had a good strategy to attract curious and ambitious students. At that exact moment, we happened to be five there in number, so we decided to join the Accenture Digital Innovation Challenge (ADIC16), too.

Even though we did not know each other, we formed a group and Raita Kivilahti named it as the "Humanist Engineers".

Atif Malik’s performing skills advantaged us to the ADIC16 case day on October 29th in Helsinki. We didn’t have a fancy presentation like most of the other groups and even our computer didn’t work to showcase our ideas. We were so sure that we lost the case. That was the only thing running in our minds. Surprisingly, Metso's professionals became convinced of us no matter of the minor technical challenges we faced. The whole Metso crew appreciated our hard work, good team spirit - and most of all - our brave new ideas. They saw that our proposal had the best business potential for the future. We were encouraged to move forward and develop our plan further.

After the case day whe had a workshop with Metso's team at their Vantaa office. There we started with an informative "private" tour around the valves factory. But not to forget, before the visit we were provided with all possible protective equipment. Metso's employees made us thoroughly aware about the important fact that safety goes first in everything.

Humanist Engineers at Metso's valves factory in Vantaa

The tour showed us how Metso operates in a well-organized cycle. The factory is eco-friendly and all workers welcomed us with a smile. They didn’t hesitate to answer any of our questions in between their daily work routines - even though we might have been a little too inquisitive.

After the tour Metso's team helped us in improving our idea and presentation. The valuable critics gave us more energy to work further. After the valuable session we were invited to have lunch together. The salmon was amazing. We all had a humorous chat. It really felt like a family lunch!

To sum it up, Metso is a huge international company. It is a great opportunity for us to work with them. We are looking forward to presenting our finalized idea for digitalizing Metso´s valves business at Slush. 

Humanist Engineers team at Hakkila, Vantaa


Sankar Karuppannan Gopalraj

Student at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

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