Blog: Go with the flow
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Blog: Launching innovative products for customers is in our DNA

Antti Nelimarkka’s 1973 valve design allowed valves to be more reliable than ever before. He designed a metallic seat ring instead of a rubber one, and the world’s first metal-seated butterfly valve was born, setting the industry standard. Metso has since built itself around innovation and significant breakthroughs to provide our customers with more reliable and safe products – it’s in our DNA.

Let’s face it, innovation is essential for any organization looking to stay competitive and succeed. Ever-changing economic and technical factors, as well as increasing customer requirements, are pushing companies to constantly develop and adapt.

We’ve listened to our customers and continued to invest heavily in technology development to launch innovative products and solutions. We have constantly pushed ourselves, changing our attitude and culture to evolve with trends that are shaping the sector.

We’ve set the bar high for ourselves in the area of valve design, material development and digitalization, which we feel are all equally important for successful product development.

In valve design, we’ve embraced the latest tools and 3D printing to speed up development and achieve enhanced functionality. The use of innovative materials, simulation testing and 3D printing make very powerful, disruptive factors. In 2018, we shipped our first batch of valves with 3D-printed components, just one of our many industry breakthroughs.

We’re using digitalization to significantly improve efficiency in our company and with our partners and customers. Digital technology enables more accurate and timely data storage and transfer for the installed base, logistics, asset monitoring, maintenance and more.

Providing innovative solutions by focusing on details that matter puts us in the driver’s seat to help our customers reach higher reliability and performance.

Today, I invite you to read the latest Valve World cover story and discover what it means to have innovation embedded within Metso’s DNA.


Kalle Suurpää

Vice President of Valve Technology

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