Blog: Go with the flow
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Blog: Life-long capping valve performance

Metso’s flow control solutions offering for the pulp and paper industry covers all the typical valves, a wide range of accessories, intelligent devices and software solutions and of course comprehensive services. Over the years most of the paper industry-specific flow control innovations have come from Metso. We have always prided ourselves in designing and manufacturing products that combine innovation with fundamentally simple and reliable construction. We incorporate operation and maintenance features to help optimize process performance.

Purpose-built for pulp and paper

The capping valve for batch cooking is just one of our products designed specifically for use in the pulp and paper industry. Well more than 2000 of these valves have been delivered over the years, and with an array of built-in safety features all those valves are guaranteed to meet the latest safety (SIS/SIL) regulations today. The capping valve has become a long-standing industry favorite thanks to its innovative design that helps improve profitability.

The typical lifetime of a digester capping valve is from five to seven years before it needs extensive service. When you have many of these capping valves in your cooking process, one good alternative is to enter a systematic step-by-step valve exchange program with Metso. It is a great way of carrying out scheduled preventive maintenance without the need to shut down the entire production process.  

Refurbishment without production losses

Just as an example, for one pulp and paper customer in Asia with aging capping valves the valve exchange program started with a delivery of just one new Metso PZ capping valve for one of the mill’s many digesters. One of the existing capping valve was removed and sent to Metso’s service center for professional refurbishment and modernization. After comprehensive service valve meets original specification or it can be upgraded for today’s more demanding requirements. This refurbishment cycle continues until all the other capping valves have been serviced.

This type of step-by-step approach ensures that production is allowed to continue without breaks or interruptions caused by valve service. Original manufacturer refurbishment also ensures that the repair procedures are correct and cost efficient every time, giving capping valves a long trouble-free operating life. This is how we at Metso view our role in creating long-term customer benefits by providing high-quality purpose-built valves accompanied by services designed to maximize availability and safety over the products entire lifecycle.


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Toni Kotiranta

Director, P&P Agreements, Application Dev, Engineering

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