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Metso – At your service!

Today, service is of great importance to customers and suppliers alike. In a changing world with rapidly changing circumstances, tailored expert services are more valuable than ever.

To address these new challenges, we at Metso Automation have created a separate services business line to give closer attention to our valued customers.

Service that goes beyond maintenance

Helping our customers improve the profitability of their business means providing services and solutions that aren’t limited to Metso units only.This means that our service offering can now be extended to cover valves and automation systems from or installed by other companies as well.

LOTOS is an integrated oil entity focused on crude oil exploration and production, petroleum processing as well as commodities sales. The company is second largest entity in Poland (in terms of net sales revenues). It has a 34% stake in the domestic wholesale fuel market. Moreover, LOTOS holds a strong position in lubes, greases and bitumen sales in Poland. LOTOS throughout its business units located all over Europe (Poland, Norway, Lithuania) employs approximately 5,000 people.

With the new business line, the way we look at services has changed. We see services as much more than maintenance linked to our product offering. In addition to traditional maintenance services, we now also offer what we like to call business solutions, which concentrate on improving the overall production efficiency of a plant area. Helping customers improve production efficiency is one of the biggest growth areas in services today. Our customers are looking at ways to optimize process performance and to maintain peak performance over time. These types of services are in great demand at the moment. Of course maintenance alone is also still an important element in our overall service offering.

Service as a basis for long-term partnership

We are increasingly committed to developing long-term relationships based on open and honest communications and co-operation through services aimed at addressing specific customer challenges and developing effective solutions together. A perfect example of such a strong co-operative service agreement can be found in Poland, between the Grupa LOTOS refinery and Metso Automation. In addition to a fully tailored agreement and close co-operation, having a maintenance presence at the site or near the customer looking after their valves and operations has been a key factor in developing this successful relationship. To achieve the desired proximity, we have already opened 34 service centers around the world, and that number will increase further in 2014.

Becoming the partner of choice for our customers has been at the core of developing our service offering. Our service products must all fulfill two important conditions: They must be easy to use and understand, and they must match the needs of each specific customer Performance solutions are particularly in high demand. Our customers are looking for assistance in identifying and addressing areas where they can reduce energy and chemical consumption as well as reduce their impact on the environment. Environmental issues such as those relating to emissions for example are in increasing demand at the moment. Our approach to service business boils down to one thing. We want to get closer to our customer not only in terms of location, but even more in terms of co-operation. Examples like the LOTOS refinery in Poland show that we are moving in the right direction with our approach to service.


John Cullen

Metso Automation Services as a Vice President of Business solutions

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