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Metso’s intelligent valve controllers to reduce Goliat’s maintenance costs and secure operations

Goliat, one of the largest industrial projects ever, is due to be fully completed by the end of 2015 near Hammerfest, Norway in the Barents Sea. It is also the first FPSO plant to equip all of its automated pneumatic valves with intelligent stainless steel valve controllers to enhance safety and minimize the operational and maintenance costs associated with its large number of valves.

The colossal floating, production, storage and off-loading (FPSO) plant, owned 65% by Eni Norge and 35% by Statoil, will produce both oil and gas. It is equipped with the world’s latest technical solutions, enabling it operate reliably in the most challenging Nordic conditions.

Maximum control of the giant

Metso’s portfolio of stainless steel controllers was selected for the close to 900 pneumatic actuated control, on-off and emergency shutdown (ESD) valves in the Goliat plant. With this solution, all the automated valves on the offshore platform will be under continuous online condition monitoring, enabling Eni Norge and Statoil to follow and report valve performance.

Approximately 200 devices, such as compressors and heat exchangers, are equipped with performance monitoring. Whenever the actual performance of any of these devices deviates from the norm, operators are alerted with appropriate action proposals. This gives Goliat the sheer power to beat all other offshore platforms when it comes to maintaining maximum control over the entire plant.

Reducing costs and enhancing safety

Metso’s unrivalled third generation diagnostics and the plug-and-play functionality of the controllers impressed the client. The easy-to-use remote graphic interface quickly shows the operators the condition of each valve at any given time. Knowing this data gives users a full picture of how to best mitigate risks. This enables them to better optimize processes, as well as manage both maintenance scheduling and the number of staff needed. With service visits occurring only when needed, maintenance costs can be cut considerably.

Services have always been an important part of our offering for our customers. For Goliat, Metso has a service center in Norway, in close proximity to the plant to respond to any need that may arise. This office, in particular, is specialized in oil and gas projects.

Growing in oil & gas

As global oil and gas production continues to grow and customers are operating in increasingly more severe conditions, greater demands are being placed on the equipment. Few companies are able to provide such rugged and reliable components as Metso. And today, we already have good coverage with our product portfolio for this specific market.

For us at Metso, moving strongly into the oil & gas, refining and petrochemicals market has been a strategic long-term objective. We have the expertise. But even more importantly, we know how to add value with our offering to the offshore business.

As to the impressive Eni Norge’s Goliat project, Metso’s intelligence, speed and outstanding agile response provide a perfect complement to the plant’s massive power and lofty ambitions.

The full article was previously published on our showroom as ‘Metso proves strong enough for Goliat’.


Juha Yli-Petäys

Vice President, Valve Technologies

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