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Welcome to uptime with control valves

Our extended range of valve, pump and valve control product portfolio offers new opportunities for a wider range of industries, particularly for oil and gas and mining customers.

For decades, Metso has been known for its rotary control valves, reaching a strong position in several industries with these types of products. Still many customers were asking for globe valves with the same quality and reliability as our rotary control, ball and butterfly valves.

Now we’re able to offer this thanks to our acquisition of a globe valve product line from South Korea. Our extended range of valve, pump and valve control product portfolio offers new opportunities for a wider range of industries, particularly for oil and gas and mining customers.

Expanding the offering

Today, we can offer solutions to a wide range of applications from standard to severe. All control valve technologies in linear and rotary configuration, actuator options, intelligent valve controllers, severe service trims and decision-making software support are available from one location.

Additionally, we’ve brought new enhancements to our control valve offering. Our low noise trim technology reduces the noise level up to 30 decibels compared with a typical control valve. Nelprof selection and sizing tool now includes all Metso’s control valves to ensure that customers are able to select the best fitting valves for any given process conditions. All this makes us a one-stop shop for our customers.

Continuous investments

For customers in the growing Korean market, we continued our investment by commissioning a new globe valve technology center there at the end of 2014. This center ensures high capacity, high-quality production and the delivery of globe valves, as well as supports efficient cooperation with our customers.

Around the world, we have a total of eight valve technology centers and more than 40 valve and field device service centers. In 2015, Metso plans to open an additional six new service centers globally.

Sustainable products for all conditions

Depending on the sector, valves must withstand demanding process conditions, such as high pressure and temperature, toxic and corrosive fluid, vibration and pressure shock, as well as meet all safety requirements.

Our mission is to bring you sustainable products to maximize uptime at a competitive price level and to fulfill your requirements for quality and, ultimately, improved plant efficiency.

Making the difference

Our success comes exclusively through our customers success. And products are only one part of this success story. To make a real difference requires skilled people, tradition and a culture of serving customers without compromise.

Now, more than ever, the industry needs a partner with deep application knowledge and application-specific technologies. It’s also important that this partner can help selecting products that are just right and can keep engineering costs and the total cost of valve ownership at a reasonable level.

Profound knowledge in application-based valve selection combined with our extensive and field-proven control valve offering provides a perfect mix for customers, even with the most challenging projects. Once the right product is selected, we take care of supporting our customers throughout the complete life cycle of the control valve at the plant.

Our business approach makes the process of selecting and buying valves as easy as possible. We work closely with our customers for better understanding the challenges and proper definition of the specific needs. We provide a variety of reliable solutions to meet industrial specifications. The key to success is finding the right solution for the plant.

Based on interview by Christian Bormann, Valve World magazine, June 2015 ‘Welcome to uptime with Metso’s control valves’. Please read it on our showroom. >>


Mika Nissinen

Vice President, Oil & Gas Control Valves Metso Flow Control

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