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Blog: Challenges in actuator sizing and selection in the downstream marketplace

Come and listen to the presentation at Valve World Americas on Wednesday, June 21st at 10:30 am: Challenges in actuator sizing and selection in the downstream marketplace.

This presentation will focus on the challenges in sizing and selection of pneumatic actuation for on/off automated valves. The presentation will attempt to address the various challenges from the perspective of the manufacturer, distributor and the customer.  Some examples will include under sizing (for cost savings), oversizing (due to safety factors), service factor interpretations, third party linkage limitations, Maximum Allowable Stem Torque (MAST) considerations, supply pressure limitations, and actuator design considerations (torque output curve, cycle life, etc).

I will explore these challenges and make suggestions to minimize the consequences, cost impacts, and safety concerns associated with each of these.

Steven Hocurscak
Oil & Gas Business Manager

P.S. Don't miss presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday by my colleagues.

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Steven Hocurscak

Business Manager for Neles and Mapag product line

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