Blog: Metso on the road
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Blog: View all our expert interviews and blogs from MINExpo International 2016

At MINExpo 2016, our people, solutions and show stopping exhibit – with eye-catching graphics, unique design, and interactive displays – drew attendees in record numbers.

If you missed the show or want a closer look at what was covered at our booth, we’ve prepared a quick summary with short videos and blog posts for you.


Increase productivity with Life Cycle Services Site Evaluation and Reliability Engineering

Terry Galvin, Regional Development Manager, discusses in our video the two new Metso Life Cycle Services offers, Site Evaluation and Reliability Engineering. These services are designed to reduce machine failure and minimize repair times.

In Site Evaluation, an experienced Metso team with equipment, process and controls expertise focuses on finding just the right package of services to help clients meet their business goals. The recommendation is based on an on-site operations analysis.

Reliability Engineering supports Life Cycle Services packages by using sophisticated methodologies to implement asset management strategies with the target to reduce machine failures and prevent them from reoccurring. The ultimate target is to make equipment more reliable, easier to maintain and readily available, and thus increase productivity. For more information on how we can help you in your operation, explore more about Life Cycle Services.

Introducing the new Metso MDM and MDR Mill Discharge slurry pumps

Bubba Savage, Product Manager for Dredge Pumps Engineering at Metso introduces the MD series of Mill Discharge pumps. The high-performance MD series of mill discharge pumps are based on a long history, extensive know-how and experience working with grinding mill circuits in a variety of applications throughout the world.

The new MDM hard metal and MDR rubber lined slurry pumps ensure sustained performance with maximum time between rebuilds for any mill discharge services or applications. Find out more information at Mill discharge MDM and MDR slurry pumps page and on our exper blog post Discover the art and science behind lowering the cost of your mill circuit operation.


Blog: In-the-pit solutions - delivering a step change in operating costs

Today, mines are continuously being challenged to rethink how to shape their operations to be more sustainable and profitable. Metso's comprehensive in-the-pit solutions (ITPS) trim the operations by optimizing the entire process - from design to selection of machinery and to production. This results in a savings of water and energy, and a cost reduction of up to 35%. Read the blog post.

Blog: Pushing the boundaries of comminution circuits with pioneering designs

The three biggest ways to reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) through circuit design is to reduce the quantity of operating equipment, use the most efficient equipment available and ensure that the complete comminution circuit is designed to maximize plant efficiency. With new advances in equipment, such as the Metso MP®2500 cone crusher, the Metso HRC™3000 HPGR and the Metso VERTIMILL® VTM-4500-C, new exciting solutions are pushing the boundaries of circuit design. Read the blog post.

Blog: Crusher performance reborn

The newly developed crusher upgrades elevate the performance of decades-old crushers with cost-effective upgrade kits. In some cases, the easy-to-install upgrades will allow machines to surpass their original capacity and perform at the same level as new-generation crushers. Read the blog post.

Blog: The right part for the job

Every grinding mill is unique. They do, however, have one thing in common: they need to be operational. At the same time, a safe working environment is more important than ever. This is an everyday challenge for all of us who work in grinding, and thus it is important to find the safest and most efficient mill lining solution. The best properties of each component and material should be utilized for optimized contribution. Read the blog post.


Terry Galvin

Regional Development Manager

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