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How to haul more with a lighter-weight haul truck

Is it possible to lower OPEX while not only increasing both payload and revenue, but also improving working conditions for employees? Interviewed by International Mining, our experts Carl Samuelson, Henrik Persson and I explain how a one-piece, rubber-lined, and lighter-weight truck body in high-strength steel allows our customers to do just that.

At Bauma 2019, we introduced the Metso Truck Body. A unique hybrid haul truck body with unmatched payload and wear life. It’s a ground-breaking innovation that combines a high-strength steel structure with the characteristics of the rubber-lining that we have been delivering to the mining industry for decades. The Metso Truck Body enables mines and quarries to haul more with less.

The elastic rubber absorbs the energy of every impact, preventing it from reaching the frame and thus allowing for a lighter-than-usual steel frame beneath the rubber. Thanks to this, the Metso Truck Body absorbs maximum shock at the lowest possible weight. Additional benefits include up to six times more wear life, compared to a traditional steel lining, and an enhanced working environment where the noise is cut by half and the vibrations are reduced by an amazing 97%. 

A typical Metso Truck Body weighs 20-30% less than a traditional steel-lined truck body. Depending on the application, this translates into a payload increase of several tonnes. Available globally for all major off-highway truck models used in mining and quarrying, the Metso Truck Body offers several lining options to ensure an application-specific fit, even in operations that struggle with problems such as carry-back.

Watch the interview above to find out more about the Metso Truck Body.


Nearly 9 tonnes more payload
Terrafame increased the efficiency of the mine’s hauling operations while reducing noise and vibration.


Lars Skoog

VP, Mining Wear Lining & Screening

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