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Blog: Machine strength and materials matter – Metso the best scrap equipment provider of the year

American Metal Market selected Metso as the Scrap Equipment Provider of the Year. Receiving recognition like this is always welcome; shiny prizes, good publicity, pats on the back and so on are great for external promotion and internal morale. Even more rewarding, however, is what these trophies represent – that we’ve been successful in helping scrap yards and other metal recycling companies to perform better.

At the end of the day, that is what really matters – how successful we are at using our knowledge to solve customers’ problems. Sometimes it requires determination and tenacity of purpose.

A strong design is the bedrock of quality 

Over the last few years, the metal recycling markets have struggled globally. During times like these, prices tend to grow in importance and sacrifices are sometimes made in design or quality to reduce equipment costs. 

In the context of this trend, we’ve deliberately swam against the current.

Scrap metal processing is, by its very nature, a highly destructive and corrosive process. It requires a fundamental strength in the equipment to withstand high forces, sudden impacts, explosions, and other hazards.

Removing weight and rigidity from, for example, shredder housings might enable reducing the price, but at the expense of quality and durability. Likewise, tweaking the composition of a manganese blend to reduce the price of the pour may come at the expense of overall strength or quality.

The way we see it, manufacturing durable machines and not sacrificing on quality might cost a bit more at first, but the better the quality, the longer our customers can operate without problems and interruptions ­– and the more profitable their business will be.

Materials make all the difference 

When you run the complete product line – from raw material to end user – under the same company, there is no room for cutting corners since everyone plays for the same team.

Our customers appreciate our rigorous attitude towards quality. That is why we’ve decided to operate our own foundries to supply castings for metal recycling. It has provided significant value in the know-how of metal casting and alloy expertise as well as  the flexibility to develop optimal solutions for different needs.  

For our fabrication needs, we use a mix of internally owned and partnered shops.  Our supplier approval process is as rigorous as our own internal quality reviews.  As a result, we don’t typically use the cheapest facilities available, but we can be assured that the end product will meet our, and our customers’, high standards.

All the above translates into certainty and reliability to the customer – and sometimes also into trophies and rewards. 


Keith Carroll

Business Development Director, Metal Recycling

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