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Metso Waste Recycling has a strong intention to grow globally over the next few years.

Metso’s pre- and fine shredders are available for customers across the world through a network of distributors and agents. These waste recycling professionals from more than 25 countries are a vital extension of our own organization, and an important source of information about the needs of our customers at the grass-roots.

Every market has its own peculiarities, and at times it is beneficial to talk about the latest happenings face to face.

We at Metso Waste Recycling have a tradition of inviting our distributors and agents from different countries to a joint seminar with Metso personnel to share ideas and experiences, and to gain insights into new recycling products and services.

At events like these, distributors and agents also have chance to talk about different applications and types of plants in various countries and markets. Many times, the discussions and presentations reveal something that we should consider in our product and service development as well. 

“We feel like part of an exclusive club and share a sense of community with the many other people in our Metso network.”

The feedback we have received after holding distributor seminars has been overwhelmingly positive.

This year, the regular event took place in Milan, Italy. The reason for the location was that an Italian distributor had sold the first Metso M&J FineShred 3550 in the world to an Italian company, Corioni. During the event, many of the guests took the opportunity to visit Corioni’s plant, which uses a Metso fine shredder to produce refuse-derived fuel from industrial waste.

Once again, the distributors and agents came from across the world. Some travelled far, but after the seminar, everyone was grateful.

As one of the participants in Italy put it, “We feel like part of an exclusive club and share a sense of community with the many other people in our Metso network.” 


Morten Kiil Rasmussen

Commercial Director, Waste Recycling

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