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Lokotrack® – Moving forward since 1985

Communications team
Communications team
The story of Lokotrack began in 1985 from a customer’s initiative. In addition to the mobile primary crusher the customer had manufactured themselves, they also saw the potential of having a track mounted secondary crusher. To realize this, they needed external expertise and it was the Lokomo factory in Tampere, Finland that accepted the challenge.
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Jorma Kempas, bid manager, Lokotrack In-Pit, Kai Ylä-Outinen, director, Project Portfolio & Roadmaps and Keijo Viilo, director, Research and Development have seen all of the phases in the evolution of Lokotrack. Watch the video, where these gentlemen share some highlights from the journey.

“Lokotrack was like the Hoover of mobile crushing plants for a long while – it was a general name for all them even if they weren’t manufactured by us.”

Since its inception, development has been ongoing. With a history going back as far as 1917, the Lokomo factory has seen a lot and the personnel with their versatile knowledge demonstrated their value also back in 1985. As their competitors in the crushing business viewed, hydraulics and the like as something of a novelty at the time, Lokomo got a head start in developing mobile crushing plants.

Nowadays, Lokotrack is a modular entity to which the customer can choose elements that best suit their needs – different combinations can be built conveniently under the same roof. Even though it is virtually unique to Lokomo and the city of Tampere, the iconic machine has global knowledge behind it. In 1985, the company operating  Lokomo was called Rauma-Repola, which later acquired Norberg (US) and merged with Valmet (FI) in 1999 to form Metso.

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We shape and make history everyday. In this timeline, we go through the highlights from Day 1 to today.