Mar 21, 2018 Aggregates blog

Q&A with Metso Expert Nicolas Gallay: Development of MX cone crusher

Communications team
Communications team
We sat down with our expert Nicolas Gallay, to talk about our latest ground-breaking innovation, the MX4™ Multi-Action cone crusher, which was unveiled in 2017.
Nicolas Gallay

Q1.What were the greatest highlights in 2017?

Year 2017 had many highlights in the industry, one of them had to be the launch of the new Metso MX4 cone crusher in Las Vegas, US, at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 industry event. The new cone crusher was warmly welcomed by the industry operators as it promises to provide a giant leap in profitability by cutting operational costs by 10% and enabling 10% higher uptime compared to traditional cone crushers.

An important factor in the design of the MX stems from the international development and team spirit. Metso experts from France, Finland, US, and Brazil combined their knowledge in crushing and screening worldwide to design a global product for any crushing application. I think we can safely say that Metso is devoted to excellence. The brief was fairly simple: use our technical know-how and field experience to design a user-friendly machine to reduce customer OPEX (operating expenses).

Q2. So, how do you think the team has done?

We’ve reached yet another Metso milestone from product design to production to product launch. Based on the enthusiasm over the new technology features in the MX cone crusher offering as well as benchmarked results from our customers all over the world, I think we are on the right track. We can also increase the material value for the customer and production when combined with Metso options, such as VisioRock.

Q3. How did you validate the MX4 design?

The MX is the result of consistent development and about 10,000 hours of crushing testing to establish proven efficiency and performance before it was introduced to the market. Our MX customers increased profitability and uptime in 24/7 crushing.

Metso MX3 cone crusher

Q4. Why did you start developing MX4? Was it requested by our customers?

Our customers’ targets are to reduce OPEX while increasing uptime. They also look for machines that will provide selective production and flexibility along with simple maintenance and a user-friendly approach. These were the main benefits we targeted in the MX design approach; based on our customer returns, I’d say we’ve hit the mark.

Q5. What do you think are the facts behind the success of the MX4?

Listening to our customers’ everyday issues and integrating them in the thought process to achieve end results from their perspective. Production, uptime and safety all come together in this crusher. With industry-changing technology, the MX brings significant change to traditional crushing technology and wear part utilization, up to 70% of weight in the case of the MX4. The new technologies provide a more user-friendly machine, extending wear part utilization and maintenance intervals. For our customers, extending these intervals translates to significant savings and production optimization by producing more with less.

Q6. What type of feedback have you heard from the field?

One of our customers, Minermix quarry in Brazil, was one of the first companies to take the MX4 as part of their crushing sites. They’ve reported a 20% increase in productivity and more uptime – and the lifetime of the crusher’s linings is at least 30% higher, according to the company. According to José Nilson, the Supervisor at Minermix Mineração, the improvement is mainly due to the fact that the equipment enables adjustments while operating at full load capacity or, in other words, without the need to shut down the equipment, and its use at maximum power.