Oct 18, 2019 Corporate blog

A day in the life of an Order Desk Trainee (Finland)

Iisa Hemminki
Iisa Hemminki
Customer Service Representative
With offices across the globe, we're always keen to hear from our people about their lives – from the daily commute to the team. It is the diversity of these stories that creates such a unique working environment for our people. Recently, we caught up with Iisa Hemminki who used to be an Order Desk Trainee based out of Tampere, Finland, to find out more about her day. Since speaking with her, however, she has been promoted from a Trainee to a Customer Service Representative – congratulations Iisa!
Good morning


Phone alarm rings – time to get up and start the day!

7.20am – Let the journey begin!

Metso Tampere’s office is located quite close to the city center and on my way, there are a lot of nice places to go past. Three kilometers go quickly by bike and remember: safety first!

7.30am – Arriving at work

I have never really been a morning person but although we have flexible working hours, I always like to get to work early in order to finish by four. In addition, I like to be at the office in the “quiet hours” at first, to check all the emails that have arrived during the past evening and night, and to catch up with the tasks before customers are online with new ones.

9.00am – Morning coffee break

This one is funny as we always ask everyone to join the coffee break although for me it's never coffee – but porridge and water! I suppose it’s just a Finnish thing to always call it that way, despite what you’re going to have. Coffee break is more of a call for a social get-together, and in the mornings, I like to have my breakfast during it.

10.00am – KPI meeting

Once a week, we have a KPI (key performance indicators) meeting together with the Purchasing, Oder Handling, Logistics and Warehousing teams. In about 15 minutes, we go through all the key numbers, such as sold items and packing performance from the previous week. In addition to becoming aware of last week’s performance, I really enjoy all the meetings where we can discuss between the teams, and you get to see everyone. 

11.30am – Lunchtime!

A 30-minute break in the middle of the work day is a perfect place to have lunch and catch up with your co-workers. In our building, we have a spacious coffee room equipped with fridges, freezers and microwaves where you can keep and prepare your own meals. Otherwise, you can visit the common canteen where they serve several different lunch and snack options to choose from. I am often a bit lazy preparing my own meals, so the canteen is usually the place to be.

12.45pm – Team meeting

Every day, we have an Order Desk team meeting at 12.45pm. In the meeting, we discuss our workloads, challenges, successes, and other news and findings. The meeting is held in the same meeting corner where the logistics and purchasing teams have theirs. I really like it, because you can give feedback to other teams’ members via the smiley boards.


After the daily meeting, there is still a few hours of work, another coffee break and possibly some other meetings or trainings.

3.30pm – end of the day

With flexible working hours, my workday is always +-8 hours depending on how busy the day is, and my personal plans for the evenings. As there aren’t that many vacation days for summer trainees, I really try to get the most out of the evenings and weekends. This time, I’m going straight to the movies and dinner with my friends before bicycling back home.

Opportunities for students
A traineeship is a great way to get to know our company and to gain valuable work experience.