Jan 13, 2020 Corporate blog

A glimpse into #MetsoLife

Johanna Ahokas
Johanna Ahokas
Talent Manager, Leadership and Engagement
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work for Metso? If so, you might be interested to hear about our employee engagement survey results which offer a glimpse into #MetsoLife.
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Towards the end of 2019, We conducted an employee survey throughout all Metso locations for over 14,000 employees.

We asked our employees how likely it was that they would recommend Metso as a place to work and the resulting Employee NPS score of 49.1 (a score of 50-70 is deemed excellent) tells us that the majority of our people would. Such a score suggests that our people are engaged in their work and with Metso as a workplace. This creates the foundations for a culture where our people can grow and want to grow with the company – also a prerequisite for strong business performance and satisfied customers.

We also value psychological safety in our working culture. According to our latest engagement survey, 86% of our respondents agree they can "bring up new ideas" while 81% agree "anyone in the team can bring up difficult topics". Such trust cultivates a culture of open discussion where people, ideas and business can grow.

The highest-scoring statements tell us that Metso people feel valued and they feel their work contributes to the company's strategic objectives. A high sense of purpose in one’s job is an important factor for internal motivation and job satisfaction – so our employees really feel they can make a difference!

Overall, we are very happy to see that many of our people feel well and have good pre-requisites for performance and happiness at work. There is always room to improve (even through small changes). The survey results are used as a basis for discussion about continuous improvements both at a Metso and team level. We are eager to continue such good work for creating a better working life for us all!

It all begins with active personal involvement – curiosity. With us, you will be working with world-leading process industry solutions in a result-driven and respectful culture.