Aug 17, 2018 Corporate blog

Back on track after holidays, how to ensure a smooth return to work?

Eetu Visuri
Eetu Visuri
HR-Specialist, Human Resources
Well being at work might be challenged during the holiday season. Although we all admit that it´s nicer to work in a comfortable environment among energizing and supportive co-workers than to feel being pushed to the limits all the time, we might forget and ignore all the good things in our work when we try to get everything organised and done before leaving on holiday.
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1. Prepare yourself for the first day at work

It might be a good idea to go to bed a bit earlier on the few last nights before your first day at the office. Our ´Circadian rhythm` aka internal clock might get delayed during the holidays so this trick will make your Monday morning a lot easier. During holidays we usually tend to get rid of the routines but this might be a good time to start implementing those back into your day rhythm.

2. Try something new

Returning to your old routines might not be a totally good idea especially if you were not satisfied with your current situation before holiday. To avoid implementing back the bad habits and ending up with the same unwelcome situation try something new! Perhaps you start going to office by foot or by bike or you take some extra time in the mornings to plan your workday ahead.

3. Make a plan and stick to it!

Book a meeting with your inbox. Try blocking out some time to go through your Outlook inbox. File necessary emails, delete unnecessary and start prioritising your responses. If someone has been covering you, organise a quick catch up session to get an update on what´s been going on at work during your holiday. Schedule me-time for the first week back. Take your lunch breaks and leave office at reasonable time. Your tasks will be waiting for you the next day as well.

4. Share your greatest holiday stories with others

Don´t feel guilty that your colleagues had to cover some of your work during your holiday. You will support them when it´s their time to be on holiday, right? Instead share your greatest holiday memories with them and let them catch your relaxed and happy state of mind. Positive attitude can be spread easily. Start smiling to others and you see them start smiling too.

5. Look ahead and think what makes you grateful about your work

Think about the things you enjoy the most about work – working with great colleagues, or tasks which you find most interesting and awarding. Remind yourself about all the exciting thing coming up in the future and focus on the things you are grateful in your work and personal life at the moment.


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About the writer: I started working at Metso around one year ago and have really enjoyed my journey. I work as a local HR Specialist for Metso´s production unit in Vantaa and as a Payroll Specialist for all Metso´s operations in Finland. In my personal life I am passionate about both mental and physical wellbeing and healthy lifestyle in general.