Mar 6, 2018 Metso World blog

A code that matters

Kaisa Jungman
Kaisa Jungman
Head of Sustainability
Metso has launched a renewed code of conduct, and in that connection, all Metso employees were trained with an e-learning tool.
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How do you know that your employees are committed to following the company’s code of conduct? By looking at the speed and intensity with which they complete the training; this indicates how important the matter is to them.

Metso has launched a renewed code of conduct, and in that connection, all Metso employees were trained with an e-learning tool. Despite the fact that the task of completing the course coincided with the vacation season in most countries, the completion rate was astonishing. In less than three months, 99.8 percent of the approx. 11,500 Metso employees had completed the training, and that number includes over 3,500 operations employees who don’t have e-mail access.

What was the recipe for this success? Clearly, we could not have managed to achieve the result without effective communication about the importance of the topic and everybody’s commitment. We had full support from the management, and the communications plan was carefully made to utilize all available channels. However, the most significant key to success were all of Metso’s line managers. Thanks to real-time tracking reports prepared by the sustainability team about the completion status, the line managers were able to follow up their team status and ensure prompt action.

Throughout the rollout process, it became evident that our people value the principles of the code of conduct and appreciate the effort that the company is making to ensure full compliance.

Metso’s Code of Conduct summarizes the key principles that guide the behavior of every Metso employee, everywhere. It underlines the importance of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and provides a set of global guidelines and practices to be present in all decision-making and interaction with Metso’s various stakeholders.

The document covers a broad range of areas, from integrity, anti-corruption, safety, health and environment, information disclosure, and human rights, to diversity and behavior on social media. By utilizing an effective e-learning solution with concrete examples, it is easier for everyone to internalize the main principles and find out how to learn more. 

Sustainability at the core
One of the best ways to promote sustainable development is to innovate new and better technologies and to change current ways of operating.