Jun 20, 2017 Corporate blog

Be brave! - Trainee day with tips for the future career, and life in general

Heidi Jäkälä
Heidi Jäkälä
Metso alumni
On Monday 12th of June, Metso Valve Technology Centre in Hakkila was filled with fresh minds from Metso Tampere location, Sanomatalo and Vantaa, when all the summer trainees arrived here for the welcoming day. It was great to see over a hundred new faces, who were selected from the total of 3,300 applicants to show their skills in action during the summer.

Room filled with inspiration: this year’s Metso trainees listening at Matti Kähkönen in orientation day in Hakkila, Vantaa, Finland.

The day included in total three inspirational speeches. All of them were very different from each other as the history and the background of people always varies. However, three common themes could be found in the tips for future careers, and life in general from Pirjo Virtanen, Juha Yli-Petäys and Matti Kähkönen:

  • “Make the most out of the job you have. Your work takes a major part of your day, so you better do something that you truly enjoy and get inspired of. This is where I think Metso has been very supportive as an employer and is allowing me to execute my ideas the way I want. I can work very independently and the job itself is very flexible and giving me the freedom that I need. This of course means that also I have to give something back to the company and work long hours when necessary.”  –  Juha Yli-Petäys, VP Standard crusher spare parts, Metso Minerals

  • “Change is today. This means that whatever you are studying now, may not be there tomorrow. That is why we need to understand that we should not resist the change but rather embrace it. When I started with my first global position as a VP Health, Safety and Environment, it had nothing to do with what I had studied and very little to do with what I had done before. But that was the thing that made the experience so valuable, as I learnt more than I could have ever imagined.” – Pirjo Virtanen, VP Metallurgical Operations, Operations & Manufacturing
  • “All work is valuable. When you are young, you should not get stuck with one thing that you do, be it a field of study or work. It is much better to try out a wide variety of things whenever you have the chance, because only then you will face different kinds of worlds that will open your mind. Based on that experience you can build grounds to the next thing and you will realize that the past lessons you learnt will help you in the most surprising situations.“ –  Matti Kähkönen, CEO

The last motto or rather a way of life that all these speakers shared was “to be brave”. Brave as in pursuing a career abroad, not being afraid of anything or anyone, and taking the next giant leap towards the unknown without worrying about whether you know enough of it at this point of time or not. Being brave also means having faith in your own possibilites in life and recognizing the effort that you need to make to realize your full potential.

With these encouraging words we may feel more confident about tomorrow, even when we know that nothing else is for certain except the change.