Oct 9, 2017 Corporate blog

Diversity makes us stronger

Katri Koivisto
Katri Koivisto
Senior HR Manager, Finland
Nearly 12,000 employees in more than 50 countries! That’s quite impressive. Expertise, skills, personalities, unique stories. Worldwide, Metso’s employees represent 81 nationalities. We truly have a diverse workforce.
Woman working at her desk at the office.

It’s easy to recognize the business benefits of having a diverse workforce. It also makes us think about equality in our workplace community. What does equality mean in practice? As a company, Metso is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, age, race, beliefs, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, or any other personal quality.

Equal treatment means that we respect each other and connect with one another as fellow human beings. In terms of management, it means that our operating models apply equally to all. It also means that we take each other’s backgrounds and life situations into consideration in the workplace. Sounds simple—but is it?

A diverse workplace community is rich many ways. Our different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences enable us to create something new together, operate flexibly, and genuinely connect with our customers and other stakeholders around the world. This means that each working day can be more fascinating than the previous one and offer opportunities to see things from different perspectives.

Women in technology

Women represent around 18% of Metso’s workforce globally. This percentage is not the whole truth: we operate in more than 50 countries, and the percentages vary country by country. In Finland, for example, women represent around 24% of the personnel, which is slightly above the national average for technology industry companies. Women are employed in a wide range of jobs at Metso, from product development and design to production, sales, supervision and management – and there is room for more. Our field of industry welcomes more women as students, job applicants, colleagues and managers.

We are all responsible for creating greater diversity, as colleagues and as a company. Making a difference in our local community is a good and sustainable way to promote diversity. In Finland, Metso is a member of the Women in Tech network. We support the Women in Tech Forum, which takes place in Helsinki every two years – and it’s so popular that the tickets are sold out in just an hour. The popularity of the event is a prime example of how important people think the cause is—and of the countless opportunities for women in the technology industry!

It all begins with active personal involvement – curiosity.