Aug 28, 2017 Corporate blog

Entering Lokomo gates just 100 years after my great great grandfather

Metso HR Team
Metso HR Team
I started working as an IT trainee for Metso in the beginning of the summer and during my first week I found out that I wasn’t the first of my family working in the premises. I was told that my great great grandfather (my grandmother’s grandfather) had been working for Lokomo, which located in the very same place as Metso does today. I found out that he started working in Lokomo precisely 100 years ago! I got excited and started researching my great great grandfather’s time here at Lokomo.
Laura Karintaus

My great great grandfather Aarno Ruissaari started at Lokomo in 1917, when he was fifteen years old. He ended up working here for more than 50 years and retired from here. He started as an apprentice, after that he was a turner and later a foreman and a work flow planner.


As a young apprentice

Not much has stayed the same, the old factory of Lokomo had little to do with the state of the art Metso Minerals factory which stands in its place today. The progress in technology, especially automation and safety is remarkable.



My great great grandfather worked as a planner too 

Lokomo was a remarkable locomotive manufacturer at its time, and a very important employer in Tampere region. It was typical that the employees spent their whole work career in the company. Nowadays Metso produces market-leading crushers and valves, being an international high technology company operating in all five continents.


First steam-powered locomotive manufactured by Lokomo

Whereas today safety is a top priority of Metso, 100 years ago things were different. My grandmother told me that it was common that the turners got splinters in their eyes, and my great great grandfather was nominated as an unofficial eye doctor of Lokomo, since he was very talented in removing the splinters from the turners’ eyes.

I have had a very interesting summer at Metso working as an IT trainee. I learnt how IT works in a big multinational company like Metso. I got to work in the legendary Lokomo area, just like my great great grandfather.

Laura and train

I felt very welcoming atmosphere at Metso, and I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world. Thanks to all of you!

Written by Laura Karintaus, IT trainee