Jun 12, 2017 Corporate blog

Feeling encouraged and motivated – at Metso

Heidi Jäkälä
Heidi Jäkälä
Metso alumni
When I first got to know that I was selected as the new marketing summer trainee at Metso Flow Control, I was very thrilled and happy. I knew that Metso is a traditional company with a long history in the Finnish as well as in the global markets. Only after starting here I fully realized what it meant to work in a publicly listed company that has operations practically all around the world. In the first week, I already had a Skype meeting with a colleague located in India and helped another team mate with an exhibition organized in Texas, USA.

All of this was rather overwhelming, but also exciting, as I have the best people around to teach me all they know. And they know a lot! My supervisor and basically the whole team, have all worked with Metso approximately for 30 years. This was a true surprise, as I have thought that such positions don’t even exists in our constantly changing economic situation.

team photo on a boat

Even a rainy summer day has a spark of light when in good company. Helena, Sanna, Asta, Kati and me enjoying the boat ride to Koivusaari.

As I have gotten to know more people here, I have discovered that there are incredibly many who have had most of their career with Metso. It gives me a trustworthy image of Metso as an employer that all the people seem to be very pleased with their work and the general atmosphere – warm and friendly. Also, frequent, yet well-thought, organizational changes that have taken place create a sort of loyalty towards the company. Continuous development and new challenges are what keep the mind fresh and motivated.

What I personally appreciate at my work is that even though this is my first “official” marketing position, I have already been given responsibility and a feeling of appreciation for my effort and ideas. Through encouraging young students to speak out loud and express themselves, a traditional company like Metso can and is renewing itself throughout the company every day. This is the true spirit of making the big difference for themselves and for us, the younger generations.