Aug 9, 2017 Corporate blog

From a small town in India to Tampere, Finland

Metso HR Team
Metso HR Team
I hail from a small town in southern India which is about the size of Tampere. I was a boy who had not stayed away from home until I completed schooling at the age of 18. Moving of out of home to a big city (Chennai) for studying Chemical Engineering was a huge transition, as it was the first living experience outside of home and in an overcrowded surrounding, both in the city and in the university campus.

For this summer internship, I also had two more options besides the internship at Metso. One being an internship in a German company in its German factory or Israeli unit and the other being an internship as a laboratory assistant in the alternative fuel technology laboratory in the same university where I did Erasmus studies in Prague. I am now delighted and happy that I have made the right choice of coming to Metso and I am sure I could not have had a better summer than this. I am now working in an atmosphere where I am given with interesting tasks that makes my work enjoyable. I am in a perfect place for summer training and I am elated to work amidst wonderful colleagues. My work here strikes the right balance between manual work in the laboratory and desk work for making reports which never lets in boredom at any point.

My work as a summer trainee in the rock test laboratory in Tampere is to test the rock samples that arrive at the lab which are sent from various parts of the globe. I make tests that show the physical properties of the rocks such as crushability, abrasiveness & solid density after which I make reports that are added to the system and then sent back. I am learning a lot about rocks and about the work culture and ethics and in the process, I am getting more seasoned and disciplined. Having lived in Finland for almost two months, I am amazed by the design of the social system which ensures a high quality of life for everyone and I have realized that Scandinavia is setting an example for the rest of the world. It is really great that the companies here take good care of its employees and manage to provide the right work-life balance. It's a big salute for prioritizing environmental concerns and sustainability factors while framing policies. 

I have penned this blog in a natural flow of thought and as I am in the last two weeks of my summer training, I know I will forever remember the experience that I gained and the people whom I worked with.

Written by Chendhil Barathraaj