Oct 16, 2017 Corporate blog

Increasing environmental awareness – everyone can make a difference

Susie Anger-Söderberg
Susie Anger-Söderberg
Globals HSE Manager
Contributing to the environment is one of Metso's sustainability focus areas. Environmental awareness week, celebrated at all our locations in October, aims to encourage and remind our employees to integrate environment-friendly actions into everyday life.
People walking in the office area with door open.

Besides developing eco-efficient solutions for our customers to process natural resources, we want to be the forerunners in environmental awareness at our locations. There are many ways that every employee can have an influence as a professional and as an individual in their own work environment. Even a simple action can have remarkable impacts on energy efficiency and reducing waste or water consumption.

Share the ideas to make a true impact

Global programs make a difference, but so do local individual actions. Our new eLearning course available for all Metso employees globally introduces our work for the environment and the basics of our ecological sustainability.   

We also encourage our employees around the world to think of ways how to reduce waste, decrease water consumption or be more energy efficient, and to actively share the ideas. The actions don’t need to be complicated or costly to have an impact:

  • Encourage a “stairs-only” day.
  • Organize a recycling event at workplace for employees to exchange items. Agree to take any "leftovers" to e.g. a donation station.
  • Recycle paperbacks in your breakroom.
  • Arrange space for a selfie wall with images of yourself and colleagues saving energy, water or reducing waste.
  • Arrange biowaste bins in the canteens and reduce waste generation.
  • Install motion sensors for lighting in bathrooms, dressing rooms, printer rooms, and conference and meeting rooms to save energy.

Think – one environmentally friendly action a week per employee at Metso equals an impressive figure of 11,000 good actions. And this figure can easily be amplified by doing the deeds every day, every week, in every place where we are.

And it’s not only the workplace where we want to make the difference – keep inspiring your family and friends, too, to take care of our environment!

Sustainability at the core
One of the best ways to promote sustainable development is to innovate new and better technologies and to change current ways of operating.