Nov 10, 2017 Corporate blog

Innovation Hackathon – speeding up development

Jari Riihilahti
Jari Riihilahti
VP, Technology, Research & Development
Constant change is knocking on everyone’s door, and this applies to consumers, industrial players and service providers alike. To drive disruption and positive change, we need new methods to populate and ramp up our innovation pipelines. Hackathons, the currently popular collaborative challenge-solving events, are a widely recognized concept to drive forward innovation.
Team brainstorming.
Participants brainstormed on ideas.

Metso Innovation Hackathon, arranged as part of our internal recognition program Metso Award, was a one-day event where selected teams from around the globe fine-tuned their best ideas. Sharing the outcomes of the hackathon with colleagues within Metso keeps up the inspiring atmosphere that actuated results already during the day.

Digitalization must be integrated, not glued on

Metso’s hackathon provided a tailored space not only for new ideas, but also for accelerating the speed and implementation of existing development projects. The digital world keeps on moving, and the opportunities need to be seized even before they can be fully sketched. Digitalization is an integral part of future innovations – and it should always add value when implemented. This was also one of the key requirements in the projects that were selected to shape our visions for future.

Visions with ambition will soon turn into innovations in action

Even though the event ran only for one day, we saw the ideas come to life and spark a clear vision of concrete results as the teams went through their sales pitches.

“Typically, hackathons are used to collect ideas from outside the company and apply them in the company’s own setting. However, we believe that there is enormous potential for high-quality ideas already within Metso that do not get enough voice today. Therefore, we applied our own twist to the hackathon concept, making Metso Innovation Hackathon an internal innovation challenge rather than an external one. The high quality of applications that we received from all around the world, and the deep expertise of the finalist teams from Australia, China, and Chile, demonstrated the power of this concept,” says Jani Puroranta, Chief Digital Officer.

The commitment is high. With these types of events, we are building more agile product development – and providing new solutions and features more quickly for the benefit of our customers.

Reshaping the future
Digitalization plays a strong role in today's innovations. Our ambition is to become one of the digital leaders in the industries we serve.