Jun 3, 2017 Corporate blog

Metso professionals at national skills competition Taitaja2017

Jonna Pietarinen
Jonna Pietarinen
Communications specialist
Taitaja2017, the Finnish national skills competition for vocational students, was organized in Helsinki May 15–18, 2017 and Metso had the pleasure to be part of it. Students in different fields competed who is the ultimate champion of skills. As part of the finals in the industrial control category the finalists were given a task to assemble a Metso valve, do piping between the controller and the actuator and finally to calibrate the control valve and adjust the limit switch.
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The finalists had made their way through elimination rounds, and besides getting a chance to win the title of National Champion, they received training at Metso office in Hakkila, Vantaa prior to the final competition. Metso professionals gave the finalists insights to Metso valves as well as tips for them to perform at their best in the finals. The final task, however, featured a different kind of Metso valve which made the task challenging to each finalist.

The finalists were given three hours to finish the task and only one competitor made it to the control valve calibration phase. “The task was challenging but not impossible. We had thought that the piping phase would be the most difficult part of the task but the finalists got that covered. Assembling the valve seemed to cause more problems” noticed Marko Kivinen and Sakari Rinne, Metso professionals evaluating the performances. “The beginning was difficult but then I got the hang of it”, agrees finalist Matias Kangastie, from the Vocational School of Central Ostrobothnia. All the competitors seemed extremely calm while working, regardless of the situation.

Antti Rinne

Sakari Rinne focusing on the task at hand in the Taitaja2017 competition.

Besides the competition, Metso was also present at the exhibition area. At the Metso booth, visitors could see an assembled valve and guess the number of Metso employees around the world. The only hint they were given was that the employees are located in over 50 countries which inspired guesses of whopping 500 000 employees.  With the correct answer, 11 542 employees, one lucky visitor won a mystery present.

Taitaja-competition allows the most skilled students to test and showcase their knowledge and skills in their own field. They gain experience and receive valuable knowledge and tips from leading professionals to develop their skills further; to become the National Champion and even more.