Jun 21, 2016 Corporate blog

Metso young professionals opening event at Koivusaari

Heidi Sjöblom
Heidi Sjöblom
Summer Trainee, Sustainability & Communications
Metso Young Professionals organized an opening event for the summer season at Koivusaari, where both old and new young employees were given a chance to meet one other.
Boat trip

For my sixth summer at Metso, I finally got out of the cozy little town of Tampere and moved out to the big city to take my career one step further. Now at the Metso head office in Helsinki I am working as a Sustainability and Communications summer trainee. One of my main tasks this summer is to update our external as well as internal websites according to our new sustainability strategy. I was very excited to see how our large company is managed from the head office and how I would fit in. Now after one and half months of working here, I can say I am truly satisfied. I am pleased with the great colleagues I am surrounded by and how well MYP organizes activities for enthusiastic members of the staff.

Three people

A year back, my lovely coworkers Maikki, Jukka and Harri created a new concept called Metso Young Professionals (MYP) to help young employees just starting their careers to get to know each other better. Voluntary MYP members take turns organizing events for their fellow MYPers. This year, the goal of MYP is to bring young professionals from different locations closer to each other.

Boat ride


The first MYP event of this summer gathered together employees from both Hakkila, the Vantaa office as well as the Fabianinkatu office in Helsinki. We met up at the central market place after work and took a very windy boat ride to Metso’s island called Koivusaari. Once we arrived we were divided up into seven teams and started the event off with games planned by our MYP organizing team leader Maikki. Our games included mingle-bingo, logo memorization, slogan creation and egg-drop competitions.

Lunch time

The rest of the night was free time to eat, network and enjoy a hot sauna. As the evening was pretty cold, the saunas were fully packed and a few brave souls even swam a few strokes in the chilly water. Finally, the organizing team declared the winner of the MYP slogan creation competition and the winning slogan “Tetrao urogallus iacta est” took effect. We had such a good time at Koivusaari, getting to know new people and enjoying the nature. Everyone is already waiting to hear about the next event, so let’s see what we come up with next.

Team photo