Oct 23, 2017 Corporate blog

Metso’s corporate website ranked third best in Finland

Anne Rantanen
Anne Rantanen
Director, Global Communications
Want to learn about Metso as a company? Looking for jobs, annual report or sustainability information? Our people here take care of Metso’s corporate website – and with good results: metso.com/company has been ranked third best in Finland in the Webranking survey by Comprend.
Team behind the Metso Corporate site

A significant improvement from previous score

The survey is Europe’s leading corporate webpage evaluation based on stakeholder expectations. It focuses on corporate content provided especially for investors and job seekers. This includes the content in sections like media, sustainability, careers, About Metso and investors.

This year, 54 listed companies in Finland were included in the survey. Our company site was ranked the third best in the overall survey and second in the industrial goods and services category. Metso’s total score was 78.2/100, a significant improvement from its previous score of 72.5/100 in 2016, with which Metso held the 7th position in the Finnish corporate websites ranking.

Metso in TOP5 in the Investors section

Metso had the best scores in Finland in the careers section, and was among the top five in the investors section. In the survey, Finnish companies scored an average of 59.2 out of 100, outperforming their European counterparts. Finnish companies have also improved in providing sustainability information, making them the best in Europe in this section.

The Webranking results are important because they give us insights what kind of information you as our visitors are seeking from corporate websites and about Metso. We have a great community of editors who continue to develop our corporate content. We are delighted to see these results and will keep on improving.

You can read more details about the survey at Comprend's site.