Oct 18, 2016 Corporate blog

My Metso Experience

Elina Roukala
Elina Roukala
Summer Trainee, Manufacturing
I have to say, this summer as a trainee at Lokomo has been a lot more diverse than I thought it would be when I first walked through those gates in mid-May as a very nervous and abashed new trainee.
Metso HSE Lokomo

The summer has simply flown by. I enjoyed nearly every day of it, despite the awful weather we have been getting all summer. I have been pleased with my time as a trainee not just because I enjoy the historical milieu all around here, but because of the feeling of learning something new. I’m not saying it was all fun and games, don’t get me wrong, but with great people and versatile tasks, I never felt like getting up in the morning and taking off to work was a load of you-know-what. 

I started off as a technician on the mobile screen assembly line, which I wrote my first post about. There, I got to work as the third member of a great work pair, who were very welcoming and patient with me (even though I was a bit clumsy at first).

After I had been there for about 6 weeks, I got to go to the test drive site of the ST machines for a week. That was an exquisite experience, getting the chance to actually run the products that I had spent those weeks making. And hey, who wouldn’t want to pilot a machine that colossal? It’s tremendous. Besides being delightful, that week was also very educational, as I was, for example, taught how to read real hydraulic diagrams and adjust the mobile screen based on them. It sounds simple, but they were a lot more complex than the diagrams we’ve seen at school, to say the least.

coffee and laptop

Then we get to the part of the trainee time that I liked a bit less than these earlier weeks. I was transferred (voluntarily though) to the other end of Lokomo, to the office of the Lokotrack assembly line in order to advance skills that might benefit my future more. So the learning continued with different types of software Metso uses and the daily tasks of supervisors. All useful, but I myself enjoyed the hands-on type of work so much that frankly, sitting in an office felt dull at times.

The highlight of my office time was getting to spend a day and a half following around a designer and seeing what that work is all about in real life, and how well it fits the image in my head about the job. I also had the opportunity to learn to use NX and make some practice parts with it, since it is a new 3D CAD for me. And let me say, it all felt just right. So, even if the office work was not so boisterous, it did help me define what my interests are.


It’s time to say goodbye for now. Today I walk out of those same gates with a lot of good experiences, fun memories and great contacts that I gained over the past 15 weeks and head back to school. I can honestly recommend Metso to others as well. This summer was extremely rewarding.