Jul 25, 2017 Corporate blog

Summer of an adventure to new

Metso HR Team
Metso HR Team
In the last weeks of May, I was wondering that what on earth am I going to do for the whole summer because I had not gotten a summer job until then. It was a Wednesday evening when I was browsing the LinkedIn open jobs -page and saw that Metso was recruiting Summer Trainee in Production Planning team in Vantaa. For a moment of whim, I decided to apply for the position and on the next day I got a call from Metso.
Laura Malmivuori

After hearing I got the Trainee position in Hakkila, Vantaa, I was excited about the summer and what it would offer for me. I would spend the summer, not only in a new city and in a new company, but also in my first job which has something to do with my studies in Information and Knowledge Management at Tampere University of Technology.

I have never lived in Southern Finland (if you do not consider Tampere as a part of Southern Finland) and the second thing that I was exited was that I would get to live there. Summer in the capital of Finland sounded great to me and so far, that’s what it has been. First thing that I was excited about was of course the job itself. Before I came to Metso I did not know too much of my job description. The few things that I knew were that it has something to do with production planning and handling Factory to Factory orders and doing some reports. I did not have too much time to find the apartment from Vantaa and I was a little stressed about finding it. Finally, I found my summer apartment from Vantaa just the day before my first day at work which was a big relief for me.

Now after working for few (almost six to be specific) weeks already, I have got to know a lot about Metso, business and production here in Vantaa. I have also explored Helsinki, met my friends and made new friends and contacts. I believe that the decision to just hop into something new, even if I had no idea where I was going to live and how everything would arrange, has been one of the best decisions for a while. I have gotten a lot of help from my friends and family but also from people that I do not know so well and despite some “difficulties” I have had a great summer!

Written by Laura Malmivuori