May 30, 2017 Corporate blog

Something old but mostly new – The beginning of my Metso journey

Jonna Pietarinen
Jonna Pietarinen
Communications specialist
A little more than a month ago, I was enjoying the spring sun of London, my home town at the time, and looking forward to my return to the coldness and apparently ever-continuing sleet of Finland – eagerly, believe it or not. I would be going back to the same old Finland, but with a particularly pleasant twist this time: starting from May 2017, I would be working in Helsinki as a Communications Trainee at Metso.
Hannele and Sanna

Metso’s new open office space in Sanomatalo reflects the overall easy-to-approach atmosphere.

I somewhat consider myself as a citizen of the world, so for me it is particularly great that Metso is a genuinely global employer, while, at the same time, easy to approach. In Finland, there are not that many opportunities to gain experience as a trainee at an international company and a leader in its field, but Metso is one of them. This year, Metso’s sites in Finland will employ a total of 180 summer employees, most of whom will be working in Hakkila and Tampere at production and office tasks within the flow control and minerals processing businesses. There is also work available at support functions, such as in my field – communications. Despite the different working environments, I think it is safe to say that each of us is looking forward to the upcoming months.

After only a few weeks since starting, I have already been involved in many interesting projects and have seen how varied the job descriptions can be. Metso’s industries (mining, oil and gas, aggregates, pulp and paper, metal and waste recycling) were not particularly familiar to me in advance, which made me slightly nervous in the beginning. Even though there is still plenty to learn, the open and friendly atmosphere made starting easier – the image of a cold and tough corporate culture turned out to be, fortunately, incorrect.

The future will show where my path will eventually take me, but I know for sure that the upcoming summer will hold challenges, success, failures and new, unexpected directions for me. On my second day at work, it was announced that Metso’s CEO will change by autumn; Nico Delvaux from Belgium had been chosen to continue the work of Matti Kähkönen. Now all of us, newcomers and old employees alike, are in the same situation: facing the new and exciting.