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TOP10 blog posts 2017

Communications team
Communications team
2017 was an exciting year for us. First of all, it was filled with many interesting events. Secondly, it was the year when our website got a new, fresh and more user-friendly look – we received an award for our corporate pages. Sharing industry insights and talking openly about the company – that’s how you can make a big difference to your customers.
Photo shooting at Sanomatalo, Finland.

Altogether more than 80 blog posts were published in our blog hub covering various topics. The most read blog posts reflect both popular themes like digitalization, innovation and safety, as well as some of our key milestones. Especially the service tips have been useful for our customers. 

In 2017, we won a couple of globally acknowledged awards, participated in major international events, such as CONEXPO-CON/AGG and Valve World, and launched the new revolutionary Metso MX™ Multi-Action cone crusher. In addition, we developed our thinking on how to include the big megatrends like digitalization and urbanization in everything we do. And last but not least, we renewed our organization to a more agile direction and Matti Kähkönen, our long time CEO, retired.  

Here they are - enjoy reading our TOP10 blog posts of 2017:

1. Blog: Replacing the liner of a HP cone crusher

The HP cone crusher is a very important piece of equipment in a crushing plant. It can operate as a secondary, tertiary or quaternary crusher, depending on the crushing process. Since the crushing process is typically very abrasive, crushers are equipped with wear linings that must be replaced periodically to ensure the integrity of the equipment and good performance. 

2. Blog: Four proven ways to improve your next shutdown

When it comes time to perform a planned shutdown on your crusher or grinding mill, the stakes can be high, with significant dollars linked to each minute of downtime. Coordinating all the resources, equipment, tools and parts to keep everything on track can be challenging for even the most experienced team. Here are 4 key actions that you need to consider.

3. Blog: Checking the amplitude of a vibrating screen

You want long life out of your screens, but what factors can have an impact on their longevity? One of the most important things to look at and check on a periodic basis is the shape of the screens vibratory motion.

4. Blog: Machine strength and materials matter – Metso the best scrap equipment provider of the year

American Metal Market selected Metso as the Scrap Equipment Provider of the Year. Receiving recognition like this is always welcome; shiny prizes, good publicity, pats on the back and so on are great for external promotion and internal morale. Even more rewarding, however, is what these trophies represent – that we’ve been successful in helping scrap yards and other metal recycling companies to perform better.

5. Blog: Why digitalization does not spell doom for (all) OEMs

I recently read an investment bank report on the digitalization of OEMs that spelled doom. The reasoning went that when industrial customers move to predictive maintenance enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data technologies, their service intervals will grow longer and their service needs more specific.

6. Blog: Future of crushing business - sustainable, cost effective and urban?

Urbanization means faster and more numerous construction projects. This is good news for the crushing business, but it also brings along new challenges. Cost structures are changing, which makes it necessary for crushing to take place closer to the actual construction site. Simultaneously, crushing within cities is becoming more tightly controlled through environmental and safety regulations. We believe that sustainability and operational flexibility should and can be built into the same package. That’s why we made Lokotrack® an urban citizen.

7. Blog: Metso celebrates 25 years in India

During the past 25 years, Metso has established a strong market presence in the dynamic and fast-moving Indian quarrying and road construction equipment markets. We are proud to celebrate our silver jubilee and commemorate our long journey of commitment, hard work and innovation, which has made us one of the most trusted technology providers in the country in the fields of mining, aggregates and flow control.

8. Blog: Diving into an engineering world – a few things about cavitation

Having a strong background in business studies and marketing, I had not familiarized myself in the technical field, not to mention valves or anything related. This led me into a situation where I started to question myself, whether I would be able to cope in an environment like Metso, where everyone seems to be an engineer in a field or two.

9. Blog: Rethinking minerals processing with digital

In mining, many CEOs are driving a productivity agenda these days. This does not necessarily mean targeting a lower headcount, but rather aiming to “sweat” the physical production assets to the max. Before investing in any new greenfield projects or major brownfield expansions to drive growth, mining CEOs want to make sure that the huge investments in production infrastructure made during the mining super-cycle are fully utilized first.

10. Blog: How to improve your grinding process

All mining sites have their own objectives and face different challenges. The process, the material to be processed and the equipment is unique for each site. Understanding those objectives and challenges is crucial when developing a supporting product. That’s why close cooperation between a supplier and end user is so important. Watch the video to learn more.

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