Nov 23, 2017 Corporate blog

Valuable insights to a job of dreams – my day at Metso

Communications team
Communications team
I took part in the “Tuhat nuorta johtajaa (A thousand young leaders)” project of the Junior Chamber International Finland. On Friday 17 November, I had the opportunity to see what the ordinary day of a director is like at Metso Minerals.
Kasper Mod

My day started at 7:45 am when I arrived at the main gate of the Metso industrial area where I received a visitor's pass. This gave me access through the Metso industrial area to the office building where other visitors were already waiting – members of the Chamber of Commerce with their own visitor's passes. Our day started properly when we entered a conference room together with the rest of the members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of the industrial board of the Chamber of Commerce gave a presentation of the industrial fields covered by the board, and different members briefly described their companies and their operations during the year. Watching the meeting was very interesting and made leadership positions more attractive to me. Some themes were easier to understand than others, but the meeting left a positive impression in my mind. The meeting dealt with current problems and themes that have an impact on every industrial company.

After watching the meeting for a little more than an hour, the plant's industrial safety delegate came to pick me up to give me a tour in the plant area and to describe the operations of Metso in general. The plant tour was a highly interesting one, and it changed my preconceptions related to industrial work. Every work stage inside the plant building was highly automated, even though work was being performed by regular employees wearing Metso jackets.

After my tour, the others had finished their meeting and we took another guided tour. This time, we visited the outdoor areas and some indoor facilities. Next, the visitors left the plant area and I continued my study of the regular working day of a Metso director. The working day was filled with various tasks. I was surprised by the amount of work a director has to do nearly every single day.

I felt myself privileged for having this opportunity to see what an actual working day of a director is like. The day consisted of a meeting, various conversations and other everyday tasks that seemed complicated and laborious to an upper secondary school student. Directors and supervisors are often depicted in a negative light as dictators, even though such a depiction only characterizes a handful of them. My day in the company of a director erased such a negative depiction from my mind and increased my willingness to seek a managerial position in the future.

I had an interesting and educational day at Metso. Above all, it helped me to see what kind of work I would enjoy doing. This day was a priceless experience, also in the sense that not many can have such a close look at their dream job. My future career still remains undecided, but at least a little clearer.

Kasper Halonen

Kaleva senior secondary school