Aug 14, 2017 Corporate blog

The joy of sharing good experiences

Heidi Jäkälä
Heidi Jäkälä
Metso alumni
Have you ever gotten so excited about your work that you want to spread a good word about it to everyone? I have, and that is because I felt that I had really done an excellent job and I also got support to my feeling from my co-workers and supervisor. This type of encouragement from the work environment has a great effect on the so called “employee advocacy”, a term I learnt not so long ago.
Tuuli and Heidi

Me and Tuuli Valkama, Summer trainee, Sales Coordinator, at Hakkila office in Finland.

Another, more familiar term to a marketing student is WOM – word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth means people telling about their personal experiences to other people close to them. It is also one of the most effective ways for marketers to get a good word about a certain product or a service to spread to a wide audience, as individuals tend to have approximately 10-times larger networks compared to single organizations [1].

Employee advocacy is very closely related to the concept of WOM, as it means disseminating your positive experiences about your own work and your employer’s offering. In the internet era, this happens most conveniently in social media, where the message can also reach its largest audience.

What is in it for me?

Besides the obvious benefit of employee advocacy for the employer, the most significant motivation for the employee should be building one’s own employee brand. Using your own social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to bring up your own professional achievements or discoveries at work not only shows how good the company is, but also tells who you are and what you are capable of.

The responsibility from the employer’s side in activating its large employee networks, is then to provide the platform for personal development and success. An employee only becomes an advocate when he or she truly feels like having a chance to make a difference and control over their own work.

Extend your social network

For me, I feel very lucky to have the chance to work in a marketing team where I can use my strengths in content production and thus, get bigger and smaller sparks of success. Then, writing these type of blog posts and sharing Metso content in LinkedIn and Facebook has allowed me to connect with people working in the same field and join completely new discussions on interesting topics. Through this kind of process, starting from encouraging atmosphere, job satisfaction and using the right channels to share your achievements, you may end up where you never though you would.

Being an employee advocate you have a chance at simultaneously improving the company reputation, and most importantly, taking leaps in your own career path. Show your expertise, share ideas and raise conversation on topics that really matter to you – and others.

[1] Frank, Jason (2015): From engagement to empowerment – employee advocacy in the social economy. Strategic HR Review, Vol. 14 (4).