Aug 10, 2018 Corporate blog

Career story: Timi Nieminen – Director of Helsinki Plant

Elisa Kettunen & Mariia Kauppi
Elisa Kettunen & Mariia Kauppi
Delivery Team Trainee & Marketing Trainee
Timi Nieminen has been working at Metso for over 20 years. We, Elisa and Mariia, wanted to interview him about his interesting journey at Metso. His career is full of different phases from Finland to China, and once he even got a chance to have the title of “Managing Director of Metso” on his business card. Timi has gained experience in many different positions and his current position as Director of Helsinki Plant has been his longest position so far.
Timi Nieminen

Timi’s career started at Metso in 1997 when he graduated from Helsinki School of Technology. He did his master’s thesis about designing a layout for the new assembly plant. In the beginning his career got a fast start and after only 1,5 years of being Development Engineer he got a chance to be the Director of the Assembly Plant. After another 1,5 years Timi went on to being Managing Director of the Assembly Plant. That was the time of incorporations, so assembly plant became its own juridical limited company (Oy) and for that reason, Timi had the title Managing Director of Metso written in his business card for two years. “That was the highlight of my career” Timi said jokingly. 

Working at Metso has taken Timi to many interesting places 

Timi has been part of the global production management team for over 17 years and he has seen many big Metso milestones. He took part in a massive technology transition project when Metso was setting up new factories in Finland and China. After a while Timi got a chance to move to Shanghai and he began his work as Director for Shanghai plant; ‘’Our daughters went to English primary school and of course my wife came to Shanghai as well”. Timi stated that experiences related to China plant have been his career’s most memorable moments. He found Chinese working culture to be very different compared to Finland; ‘I learned a lot about people and myself during those years’. Timi laughs that from time to time his work has similarities to a psychologist as well as an engineer when running a plant of 400 people. 

A lot has changed during these 20 years at Metso, but one thing has remained the same

The reason Timi has stayed at Metso for so long is that he has always enjoyed working with his colleagues. The positive atmosphere has remained the same throughout his career. Besides, Timi is particularly interested in Metso being a big global company: “There aren’t many truly global companies in Finland that are also founded here.’’ Additionally, he finds important that he has been able to receive more responsibilities and diverse positions throughout his long career at Metso. He has experienced how Metso transformed from a small Finland-centered company to a big international public listed company. Things were completely different when Timi started at Metso over 20 years ago. Metso Flow Control was still known as Neles-Jamesbury and was part of Rauma corporation; ‘For the first 5 years Neles valves pretty much meant our Helsinki plant. Nowadays Metso manufactures valves all around the world from Germany to Korea’. 

Lastly, we challenged Timi to describe Metso with one word. The answer came straight away; “Global: that is really what Metso has become.’’