Nov 15, 2019 Corporate blog

Communicating with curiosity – with Petra Toivanen

Petra Toivanen
Petra Toivanen
After graduating from university, I started to look for my first “real” communications job and I was lucky to soon end up at Metso in Helsinki as a Communications Trainee. I’ve been here almost a year now and the time has been extremely educational and has exceeded my expectations in many ways.
Petra Toivanen

Engineering, minerals processing and big machines: honestly, those weren’t exactly the things that attracted me to apply for a job in Metso. Probably it wouldn’t even surprise you if I admitted I knew nothing about them at the time. Instead, I held the impression that Metso was a good place to work, provided an international atmosphere and would offer a beginner to the field (like me) a lot of valuable expertise to absorb. Now, looking back these past ten months, I can say my idea of the company has been proven to be true, and I have felt welcome here since day one.


"It’s exciting when a new topic lands on your desk

and you can begin to investigate it piece-by-piece."


I think one of the best things about working in a communications department is that you learn about a range of diverse topics from all around the organization. It’s exciting when a new topic lands on your desk and you can begin to investigate it piece-by-piece. I think content creation for different themes is interesting and, at times, challenging but ultimately a perfect way to develop and increase my knowledge. In my opinion, a curious mindset is a must in communications.

Besides writing all kinds of articles and releases, my normal tasks include social media management and video/photo capture and editing. I have also been involved in various projects, like this interview with International Mining magazine and the Metso Annual Report 2018.

I have always thought that the more you get to know a certain topic, the more fascinating it becomes. I’m looking forward to learning more about this business, facing all the possibilities and challenges that come with working for a global company – not to mention everything else that Metso has to offer. A big thanks is due to my coworkers who have given me guidance and responsibility. It’s a privilege to work with these skilled professionals who also happen to be extremely fun and heartfelt people!

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