Mar 31, 2020 Metso World blog

Concrete actions of Metso’s Climate program

Kaisa Jungman
Kaisa Jungman
Director, Sustainable Business Development
In fall 2019 we launched our climate program including science-based CO2 emission reduction targets. The targets are applicable to all relevant emission sources: production, procurement, inbound and outbound transportation as well as the use of our products. In addition to the emission reduction targets, we have set an energy efficiency target for all our R&D projects. As one of the steps forwards, we have offset our 2019 flight emissions by investing in wind power in India, Turkey and China. Let's take a closer look on our actions.
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100% renewable electricity in Metso locations in Sweden and Finland

As one effort in the climate program and targets, Metso starts to use renewable electricity in all its production sites in Finland and Sweden. By replacing electricity with greener options, we can avoid around 6,400 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

In the recent years, we have invested in many energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. One example is our foundry in China, where we invested in a new type of melting furnace to gain better energy efficiency. In other locations, we have taken into use technology to recover process heat from the exhaust air and use it for heating. To gain better energy efficiency, we have also invested in LED lighting, improvements and automation of operational process, enhanced insulation of the furnaces, solar power for electricity generation, to mention few of the initiatives.

Technology plays a key role in mitigating the climate change

Minerals processing is a very energy-intensive process. Innovating more energy efficient solutions is one of the key drivers in the mining industry. We have set a science-based target for three of our energy efficient grinding technologies: SMD, Vertimill® and HRC™. We aim at reducing 10% of emissions by using the technologies in Metso products in the most energy-intensive customer processes by 2025. With these technologies, 1,003,825 tons of CO2 was saved in 2019 in the installed base. This equals to 213,126 passenger vehicles driven for one year and 563 railcars’ worth of coal burned.

With these technologies, 1,003,825 tons of CO2 was saved in 2019 in the installed base. This equals to 213,126 passenger vehicles driven for one year and 563 railcars’ worth of coal burned.

Emissions reduction targets set for suppliers

As part of Metso’s science-based targets, we have defined a supplier engagement target according to which 30% of suppliers in terms of spend should set emission target by 2024. In the first phase, we will engage with our biggest suppliers to review their current CO2 targets and ambition levels. Also, during the supplier onboarding process, we ask our suppliers to provide details about their CO2 emission reduction target.

For smaller suppliers starting to define their CO2 targets, we provide guidance and tools to support them in calculating their GHG emissions and setting their CO2 targets.

Optimized warehousing decreases emissions

Optimizing material routes from warehouses to customers brings not only cost and time savings but also emissions reductions. The material delivery routes will shorten, and we are able to follow the saved CO2 emissions precisely per saved kilometer. Metso partners with the largest global transport companies who follow and report on their CO2 emissions. Positive development has been seen already in 2019, and the reduction of CO2 emissions will continue.

Metso Climate Program
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is something we take seriously. We want all our stakeholders to be involved in the work to reach important targets and to aim even higher.

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