Sep 21, 2018 Corporate blog

Making ideas happen – Using Digital Garage for rapid prototyping

Rashmi Kasat
Rashmi Kasat
VP, Head of Digital Business Development, Digital Garage
Experimenting with new and innovative digital ideas and technologies and prototyping them fast to establish good product-market fit is crucial even for industrial companies supporting process industries. At Metso, we launched a Digital Garage this year to create well-defined concepts and rapid prototypes out of new ideas.
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New digital business development ideas into prototypes

Metso Digital Garage concentrates on identifying and pushing new digital business development ideas into quickly implementable concepts and prototypes. We create prototypes iteratively and rapidly in a matter of weeks. Investment decisions and development for the scale-up are based on the customer and key stakeholder feedback.

The industries in which Metso operates are by nature cyclical, and time is of the essence: if there is a good idea, we need to “test drive” it and have the value proposition checked with the customers early on. The key is to demonstrate to stakeholders the beta version in every sprint of the development so that they have a chance to share their feedback even before the prototype is fully ready. Early customer and stakeholder feedback allows us to focus on the most value adding features for the digital service or product.

Exciting ideas from all around the world 

Today, Metso’s business areas have both formal and informal channels for generating ideas. For example, the annual Metso Award Innovation Challenge generates a good number of exciting ideas from all around the world. The Digital Garage complements the existing idea generation engines well and helps take the best ideas fast forward.

Digital Garage works in close co-operation with Metso’s mining, aggregates, recycling and process industry businesses, as well as customers and key stakeholders to design innovative digital concepts. The operation integrates tightly with Metso IT’s new operating model and is part of Metso’s Digital Office organization.

In Metso Digital garage, it’s not just about ideas; it’s about making them happen fast.

Reshaping the future
Digitalization plays a strong role in today's innovations. Our ambition is to become one of the digital leaders in the industries we serve.