Nov 29, 2018 Corporate blog

Digitalization as a matter of sustainability

Jani Puroranta
Jani Puroranta
At Metso, our vision is clear: We focus on providing sustainable solutions for the processing and flow of natural resources. Digitalization plays an important role in this.
Digitalization is becoming more important

Digitalized and autonomous processes are coming

Mines, quarries, petrochemical plants and recycling facilities – some of the places where our customers work – are usually located in remote or critical places and have challenging operating conditions. What they all have in common is that they need to operate reliably and safely – and sustainably. To enable this, highly digitalized and autonomous processes and plants will become more common. People will monitor and run the processes safely and efficiently from more convenient locations.

Going forward, intelligent machines and equipment will autonomously adjust to changes in processes that are highly optimized and have little performance fluctuation and waste. Artificial Intelligence will make most of the trivial day-to-day operational and maintenance decisions, while people will focus on remote monitoring and strategic-level decisions, like process flow redesign, planning of upgrades, and economic optimization.

Reliability, safety and sustainability are key

The first steps in our digitalization path were already taken in the mid-90s with the introduction of Bruno™ simulation software, which enables easy process design and equipment selection for aggregates production plants. Equally, the launch of the Neles™ digital valve controller for process industry flow control optimization was a major milestone in the digitalization of our flow control products.

Today, connected processes and a data-driven way of working are an integral part of our daily business. We use customer process data, for example, to optimize raw material, energy and production efficiency at our customers’ plants. Internally, we use real-world data to improve our products and to shorten our product development cycles.

We see digitalization as a matter of sustainability, process reliability and safety. Already now, our customers can benefit from such innovations as the Metso Metrics predictive maintenance and optimization solution for mining equipment, Expertune PlantTriage™ software that monitors process plant efficiency, modern on-line order channels, advanced project data exchange platforms, and 3D printing for agile manufacturing and new component designs.

Our whole Metso team of over 13,000 industry experts is excited to drive this development forward together with our customers and partners, following our digital strategy. To ensure that we stay ahead of the game, we have complemented our existing innovation processes with an annual Metso Award Innovation Challenge and a Digital Garage for fast experimentation and prototyping of new digital ideas to benefit the mining, aggregate, recycling and process industries.

Reshaping the future
Digitalization plays a strong role in today's innovations. Our ambition is to become one of the digital leaders in the industries we serve.