Apr 7, 2017 Corporate blog

Investors pages awarded

Tanja Mäkinen
Tanja Mäkinen
IR Specialist
Metso’s Investors pages ranked second best in the Best Investor Pages on the Web competition.
Metso's web pages for investors were awarded.
Metso’s Investors pages aim to equally serve all investor groups – from big institutions to individual investors.

Metso’s Investors pages took second place in the Large cap category of the annual Best Investor Pages on the Web competition arranged by the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion, the Finnish Society of Financial Analysts and the Finnish weekly journal Talouselämä. Metso’s Investors pages were praised especially for the comprehensive and clear Metso as an Investment section.

The annually arranged competition uses various criteria to rank companies’ investor pages.  The key criteria this year were usability and visual look, description of risks, the corporate governance section, and the sustainability perspective. The jury’s assessment criteria emphasized a combination of speed, ease of use and a visually pleasing look: investors must not get lost in the pages and they must gain sufficient information of the company to support their investing decision.

Metso’s entire IR team was on hand to receive the award. “Naturally, we are proud and delighted. The team works hard to be keep its finger on the pulse to know what information is being searched for on the Investors pages and to know what investors want more of on the pages. Metso’s website has been renewed in recent years. I think the website is visually more pleasing and more user-friendly. We can thank the entire web development team for that,” says Juha Rouhiainen, Vice President, Investor Relations, Metso.

Metso’s Investors pages are developed actively and also in interaction with different communities. Before publishing the new Sustainability for Investors section in summer 2016, feedback was sought from sustainable investment experts with Finnish institutional investors. So the development work is based on Metso’s own view and on various external survey result, assessments, feedback and web rankings. Metso’s IR regularly monitors other investor pages in search of new ideas. Metso’s Investors pages aim to equally serve all investor groups – from big institutions to individual investors. The Investors pages are also a good source for journalists. Hence it is important to Metso that all investor information is available both in Finnish and English.

The development of the Metso’s Investors landing page was a special focus in 2016. Now this front page offers a better view of the entire content, and promotes the latest and most important information – like the latest reports and presentations and the social media and blog posts – just one click away. The most important events, like the Annual General Meeting, Capital Markets Day, and financial results releases, are highlighted on the front page. Other current themes, like the previously mentioned sustainable investing, can also be highlighted.

The development work also resulted in the summer 2016 launch of the easy-to-use Sustainability for Investors page that brings together relevant information about Metso as a responsible investment. This collection page guides the reader to search for additional information related to sustainability, e.g. from the Sustainability section, the Corporate Governance section, and from the Sustainability Report and Sustainability Handbook.  Additionally, the IR team’s first expert blog was published in July 2016. So far, there are a handful of blog posts and a separate IR blog hub was established for them in March 2017.

The development work is never ending. The Metso Fact Sheet section will be totally renewed in 2017, and improvements will be made to the Reports Archive. Better use of social media and videos is also on the development agenda. The web and social media live in real proactive environment, and thus the development work can’t be scheduled too much. Digital change is faster than us web designers; we have to be able to react to new needs agilely, quickly and without preconceived, predetermined plans. It’s important also to anticipate what visitors to the website need before they even know it.

Check out the different sections on the Investors pages and let us know what you think. We always want to make the website even better!