Aug 2, 2018 Corporate blog

My amazing HR Trainee experience at Metso

Annika Ylönen
Annika Ylönen
Summer Trainee, Human Resources
I am Annika, Human Resource Management student at the University of Vaasa, who has a passion for HR and people. Working in the field of HR has been my dream and it came true, when I started as an HR trainee in April 2018 at Metso. Metso was an interesting choice because it is a big company, offers a lot of opportunities and a whole new business area for me.

I am entrepreneur minded and I have a long experience sales and customer service, so Metso’s values are very suitable for me. For example, “we are driving customer success” and “performing together”. I am open-minded, and I always seek out new ways to support the development of the organization and ways to bring value for a business. At Metso you can be curious, and you don’t have to worry about to say new ideas aloud.

I have been given different tasks that have truly given me the chance to take responsibility and show what I’ve learned during my studies and previous work experience. For example, I had the main responsibility in organizing over a hundred people orientation day for Metso's summer trainees in Helsinki, together with other team members and support. The orientation day included an opportunity to get to know other summer trainees, CEO (interim) Eeva Sipilä’s speech, inspirational career stories, company presentation, good food, laughter and fun.

Metso Summer trainees Finland

Metso's summer trainees in Helsinki in the orientation day

The best thing being HR Trainee at Metso is learning something new almost every day and getting to know new people. I have felt that I am part of the HR team and my team supports and encourages me in my work.

I’ve really enjoyed working at Metso. People are very friendly and welcoming, but also ambitious and hard-working professionals. Metso has on easy-going work atmosphere. During my training, I have learned the basic HR, for example HR reporting, recruitment, posting job ads, onboarding process for new hires and organizing employee survey, but also what kind of a HR Professional I want to become one day. I’ve gotten HR experience that will surely be of value in the future.  If I should describe my HR Trainee experience in one word, it would be: Amazing.