Aug 28, 2018 Corporate blog

My career story

Niko Häkkinen
Niko Häkkinen
Summer Trainee, Global Quotation Support, Administration
My name is Niko and I am a 28-year-old young professional. I study at the Tampere University of Technology. I am aiming to graduate in the winter of 2019. Right now I am looking for a master’s thesis subject. Before my current studies I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Production Engineering from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. I have also graduated as a plater-welder from Kokemäenjokilaakso vocational college in the spring 2009. It was my first degree and I am proud of it. I want to develop my skills every day and I also always seek out new ways to support the development of the organization and business.

I have work experience in industrial business for about eight years. Prior to Metso I have worked with marine industry and power plants industry. I have always been interested in heavy machines and mechanical devices, so it has been easy to choose this industry area. I have always worked a lot, starting from 10 years of age, as I went to forest work with my dad. My dad has taught me what work is. In addition to work it is important to relax and I do that at the gym and also outdoor and sport fishing.

I have been working at Metso Minerals for about one and a half years. The first summer I worked as a Supplier Quality Engineer at Metso Minerals Oy in the Aggregates Equipment business unit. My work duties consisted mainly of quality development and our supplier’s coordination tasks. I also traveled in my work and visited many subcontractors last summer. My duties were verifying our component high quality in the subcontracting and of course also advising and training the subcontractor on what Metso’s quality standard and requirements are. This was very interesting and it was also a display of confidence from my manager. After summer I continued at work alongside with my studies.

Niko Häkkinen at work

Currently I am working at Metso Minerals Oy at the Service business unit. My work position is in Global Quotation Support (GQS) team. I have learned a lot about the market area, supply chain management, method of transportation and above all I have learned about purchase and procurement functions. One and half years at Metso have gone fast and during this time I have gained a lot of new contacts and friends. I have really enjoyed working at Metso. People are very friendly and welcoming, but also good mentors and strong professionals. I have felt that I am part of the Metso and our team supports each other and we also have fun at work. My next goal in my career is to write my master’s thesis and graduate from Tampere University of Technology. After that my goal is to find challenging work where I can continue to develop on becoming a strong professional too.