Apr 28, 2016 Corporate blog

Objective – zero work-related incidents

Heljo Laukkala
VP, Head of Tampere Project
VP, Head of Tampere Project
A good safety culture comes from demonstrating the right workplace behaviors and a combined proactive effort with internal and external stakeholders.
Metso aims for zero incidents with strong safety culture.
As we strive for zero incidents, the key to success will be relentless effort and uncompromising attitude.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and partners across all our operations is the number one priority for Metso. That’s why we ask every employee to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

The consistent improvement Metso has made in safety performance reflects the excellent work we’ve done around Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) in recent years. In 2015, we had 69 lost-time incidents and we finished the year with a Lost Time Incidents Frequency (LTIF) of 2.6, which corresponds to 39% fewer recordable incidents over 2014. Additionally, it was the second year in a row with zero work-related fatalities.

We believe that all injuries, environmental incidents and health hazards can be prevented. Our prime occupational safety target is to achieve an LTIF of less than one and our long-term safety objective is zero work-related incidents.

Elements of top-notch safety culture

At Metso, we have a proactive approach towards safety and integrate it into our everyday processes and ways of working. In our opinion, the only real way to prevent incidents from occurring is to recognize the hazards beforehand.

Some of the main steps we’ve recognized as key elements in building a better safety culture include the following:

  • Assess risks carefully before starting work
  • Implement the necessary controls
  • Report observed risks no matter how big or small the risk is
  • Have a continuous open dialogue with employees and external partners about safety
  • Recognize good behaviours and methods and share them efficiently within the organization

As we celebrate Safety Week, on behalf of the whole Metso HSE team, I want to thank all our employees and external partners for their commitment to build Metso's safety culture. At the same time, I want to urge everybody to keep up the good work. As we strive for zero incidents, the key to success will be relentless effort and uncompromising attitude. All of us play a vital role in this. All of us can make a big difference.